Motorola X Phone pops up in video, shows off in white and black with always-on voice actions


A video for the fabled Moto X device popped up on Google+ from Canadian carrier Rogers, and it shows off some pretty unique aspects of the device. The X Phone will supposedly feature always-on voice commands, so you can wake the device, hands-free, and issue commands to it. A user simply says “Okay Google Now,” then issues a command, and the device takes it from there. Google Now is awesome, and totally touchless Google Now integration is even more awesome, although the always listening part might cause a few people bust out the tinfoil hats.

The device is also doing away with relying on traditional notification LEDs, and will instead show updates on the screen itself. On top of that, Motorola has made some big camera improvements, such as twisting your wrist to open the camera app and tapping your finger anywhere on the screen to take a picture, or holding it down to take burst shots. We’ve seen that in tons of other high-end phones, so it’s good to see Moto catching up.

Aside from the hands free features, the video states the X Phone will be available in August in either white or black as a Rogers exclusive, at least in Canada. This Canadian version also doesn’t seem to mention the customizable backplates that we’ve heard about it, but they may just be waiting until closer to launch to give any details related to that.

Either way, this appears to be the Motorola X that we’re going to see launch in the next few weeks. What do you think? Awesome, disappointing, or are you waiting for official specs to make that judgment? Whatever you opinion may be, you should definitely give the video below a peek to really see what the X is all about.

source: AusDroid

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  • Jason Palaszewski

    Looks like the video is private already.