OUYA confirms all Kickstarter Backers will receive their devices by the end of May


OUYA ‘s founder and CEO Julie Uhrman has posted a blog on Kickstarter detailing the road map for consoles heading to early backers. I don’t know about anyone else but I am really excited to see that OUYA has their ducks in a row like this. In this roadmap she explains that they have changed one of their partners to speed up production by a few days, as well as put more OUYA reps on the ground to speed things up.


Backers of the  new console can expect to have it  in their hands by the end of May, just in time for the retail orders to start shipping out for June. I myself am looking forward to the June release. I was unable to get in on the Kickstarter so I had to pre-order one from Amazon. I’m sure their are a lot of people that can’t wait to get this device in their hands, and I’m on that list.

Source: Kickstarter.com

About the Author: Spencer McClendon

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