Man Behind HTC One Camera Talks More About The UltraPixel


The HTC One is set to launch on multiple U.S. carriers April 19 and one feature that has people talking is the new UltraPixel camera. Instead of a higher megapixel camera, HTC went with a four megapixel camera that has some different technology behind it. As any photography geek knows, more megapixels doesn’t always mean better image quality. Factors such as image sensor and the quality of lens have a large impact. With a sensor that can capture 300% more light than any 13 megapixel smartphone camera on the market, HTC believes its UltraPixel camera is better than the competition. JR Raphael of Computerworld got to sit down with Symon Whitehorn who heads up smartphone imaging at HTC.

Whitehorn doesn’t see the UltraPixel camera as a drastic evolution, but more of a forward-looking step. HTC wanted to focus on performance versus cramming in more megapixels and marketing that bigger number to consumers as better. When it comes to why they went with four megapixels, they found that it was more than enough in 90 percent of cases. Also, it gives a much more manageable file size which allows users to do more cool things with Zoe without sacrificing performance. What also makes the HTC One camera unique according to Whitehorn is the optical image stabilization and F/2.0 aperture. Early preproduction units appeared to take grainy photos and Whitehorn claims it was an automatic ISO issue that has since been fixed and shouldn’t be there once the HTC One makes its way to consumers.

Source: Computerworld

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