Lockscreen security flaws seem to be contagious as Sony Xperia Z becomes next victim

by Robert Nazarian on
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Up until now, the majority of lockscreen security issues regarded Samsung phones, but it seems as though the Sony Xperia Z is suffering from something similar. With a few simple steps, you can bypass the lockscreen on any Xperia Z and get full access to the phone. From what I saw at CES, the Xperia Z is a really nice phone, but this is now the second major issue. Many users have reported their Xperia Z would suddenly die with no way to turn it back on. Sony did issue and update for European owners for that last week, but it looks like Sony software engineers will be hard at work again for another update to rectify this situation. Hit the break for the step by step video tutorial of how anyone can bypass the Xperia Z lockscreen.

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source: GSMArena

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