Samsung adds Knox and HomeSync to Samsung Galaxy S IV


During their big reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S IV tonight, the folks from Samsung talked about a couple new features they were including on the device that users may find useful. The first is the Samsung Knox security scheme. Knox is designed to create a virtual wall between the personal and work areas on a device. Knox may be thought of as the manifestation of their SAFE, Samsung Approved For Enterprise, security and part of their big push to get Samsung devices adopted in the enterprise.

Meanwhile, for users not focused on using their new Galaxy S IV in the enterprise, Samsung included a nice function for home use. HomeSync is a personal cloud service based on a 1 TB device that will run at home. The device will let up to eight users connect to store and share media. The device will be accessible from outside the local area network via any Internet connection. Besides Internet access, HomeSync can be accessed via NFC and will have Bluetooth built-in as well. Using an HDMI cable, the device could be connected to your favorite large entertainment device for playback. The Galaxy S IV will include the ability to seamlessly upload content to the HomeSync device. This may be a way for some users to avoid online storage services for media content.

source: Android Community