T-Mobile CZ Uses Sex Appeal to Sell Sony Xperia Z


T-Mobile CZ was not shy during their Sony Xperia Z launch event in Prague recently.  Swimsuit models were used to capture the true essence of the smartphone’s water resistant feature.  Spectators stood in long lines, gawked, took pics and video of the models…oh, and the smartphone as well.

The scantly dressed models were made to use the smartphones while getting soaked in a specially built, strategically placed shower at the entrance to the T-Mobile mall store. 

Of course, the ladies were not left out of the brilliant marketing strategy…they too had a half naked model to ogle at during the launch event.  Well, at least they weren’t sexist about the whole thing, right?


Source:  XPERIA Blog

  • sam

    I must go!

  • http://www.mynokian900.com My Nokia N900

    Come on get real Sony! No one showers with costumes on scantly or not. This is hardly a real demo :-) Had they had a scantly dressed super model swimming and using the Sony Xperia Z at the same time it would have been a lot better. ;-)

  • http://MyShocker.com Nudo

    lol how do you even bring this idea up to your boss in advertising? … and better yet, your boss actually says yes! Gotta love Earth :)