Google pushes silent update to add Google Settings app to your app drawer


By now, some of you may have noticed a new little green icon popping up in your app drawer today, titled Google Settings. The new shortcut is part of Google Play’s recent update and gives you convenient access to Google+ sign-in settings, among other settings you could previously access through other apps. So in case you were worrying about some random spam app junking up your phone, don’t be alarmed.

The app puts your settings menu from other Google apps, like G+ and Maps, in one convenient screen. It isn’t a necessity, but it gives Google some new room to work in new settings for their core applications. We can probably expect a few more settings to pop up from time to time, and I’d bet that eventually this application will be simply merged into the settings menu of Android in a future release. Until then, another little icon on your phone isn’t too big of a deal, right?

  • ME

    Indeed I saw it yesterday. NIce font on the screenshot! What is the name of this font and how can I get it?

    • Jared Peters

      The font name is Frutiger. Here’s the play store link to what I use:

      Samsung has that setting that lets you change fonts on the fly, but I’m sure you could still use a separate font pack on non-TouchWiz phones.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Right not to big of a deal.

  • Daniyal Khatri

    I don’t think they are going to add these settings to android. Over the last few versions of Android Google is breaking of android from its built in services this is part of the same.this way all these google settings could be available to and can be updated without google needing for the carriers or phone manufacturers to update the android version for the devices

  • tendyfish

    no big deal, but ate up the last few megabytes i had left for the month…lol

  • dane795

    forced updates=not cool



  • Frustrated

    This new app has been KILLING my phone. I’m positive that it’s google settings because I’ve isolated the source. My phone allows me to delete the app, but it reappears on it’s own. I always know when it has reappeared because suddenly my phone decides that it doesn’t want to charge anymore and dies overnight, even if it’s been on the charger all night. As soon as I delete the app my phone instantly recharges. Only problem is, it randomly reappears when I’m sleeping or not near my phone which drains the battery and makes it so I’m phoneless until I delete the app again. Super frustrating.

    • Yossi Cohen

      try just disabling it… this way it cannot reinstall…