Nexus 4 (un)officially reaches the 1-million sales mark



Google’s latest powerhouse has formally reached a major milestone. While certain fans out there have been critical about its availability, the Nexus 4 smartphone has officially reached the 1-million sales mark. While some have done their best to give an educated guess at how many devices were currently lurking out there in the wild, some crafty XDA users took some time to go to the forums to do some more digging and using a Turkish device’s IMEI number, actually found out that the Turkish device is actually the 999,998th Nexus 4 was officially sold:


“Ladies and gentleman, we just reached the millionth device!

(of course just judging by serial number, i.e. minus gaps)

ATURBK 302KPSL999998 20130205 TURKEY

Which means, IMEI prefix 35391805* is now officially complete and the next one will be started.”


This is a pretty neat achievement considering Google & LG have each had their fair share of stocking issues and continue to create massive pandemonium and demand for the device. In addition— it appears LG wasn’t too farfetched when it gave those lofty sales’ goals and all. Let’s just see how much the Nexus 4 sales numbers climb once Google & LG gets their acts together and finally have the device in consistently.

source: XDA Forums