Straight Talk no longer offering AT&T compatible SIMs

Straight Talk has been a major MVNO for many people because they offered unlimited plans for unlocked AT&T and T-Mobile phones for $45 per month. Well it looks like Straight Talk is no longer offering AT&T compatible SIMs, and will only offer T-Mobile SIMs moving forward. If you’re already an existing customer it appears you are okay because they will continue to provide service to existing customers. If you were thinking about joining Straight Talk, there is still one option left, but that window is closing fast as well. Wal-Mart might still have SIMs available in store or online. If you can get one, apparently Straight Talk will honor those SIMs that are still available for sale.

Whether this is going to be a long term thing or not is anyone’s guess, but this reply from a ST associate in the Straight Talk forums might give you a clue…

Hi p49k. Straight Talk Wireless is not selling SIM cards that are compatible with AT&T devices at this time. We’ll bring them back as soon as we can and will work to keep you up to date on this issue. Thank you.

So if you plan on using AT&T service through Straight Talk anytime in the future, you might want to run out to your local Wal-Mart and grab one.

sources: XDA / Straight Talk Forums
via: Reddit

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  • Brandon Wood

    I better continue to be supported, or I’m gonna be pissed!

    • Erica Mathis

      “We’ll bring them back as soon as we can”

      Did you read the story?

      • Brandon Wood

        Yes. However, I’m smarter than that and it seems as if Straight Talk is cancelling them completely

        • Erica Mathis

          Smarter than what? There is nothing out in internet land that supports your opinion. Over at Howard forms several people have said ST reps told them AT&T sims and phones will be back in stock in the near future. Also a post from a rep on their Facebook page said the same thing.

          • JennE

            I talked to them today. They reported no word on if they will ever be available again and that she was not to speculate.

  • Erica Mathis

    “We’ll bring them back as soon as we can”

    That’s pretty much all there is to know. I don’t see why everyone is worrying about this.

    • ADBD

      I wish “as soon as we can” would be THIS week…

    • Cassie Smith

      Because it sucks I’m out 30 for 2 t mobile cards that don’t work in my iPhone and can only find the card on amazon or eBay for an outrageous price

      • mandi

        rstore your iphone thru itunes with the tmobile sim installed. it will recognize it and then you can set the apn settings to get your messaging

  • Michael

    It certainly isn’t clear on their website. I signed up for an AT&T compatible sim card and a t-mobile card showed up in my cart. Unfortunately I assumed that meant it would work either way. Wrong! I activated my phone and used the $45 card and it doesn’t work. Now I am hoping I can switch the $45 card to an AT&T compatible ST sim that I found online via Walmart. If not I guess I am just out $60 and will back to AT&T’s $65 a month service.

    • JennE

      Have you tried your sim in a t-m phone?

    • mandi

      i was able to get my tmobile card to work in my iphone 4 on straighttalk. you need to restore the iphone with the t mobile card installed. then adjust apn settings

      • stacylyn77

        what do you mean restore?

  • Splinter46

    My guess is that it is not Straight Talk that stopped using AT&T, it’s AT&T that shut off Straight Talk. AT&T was losing money to people using ST. If you hand an unlocked and jailbreak iphone you could change your APN setting, get free apps, and have all the same services AT&T offered for only $45.00 a month. ST uses T-Mobile SIM cards now. Just bought an Iphone for just that purpose. But if I’m limited my Straight Talks T-Mobile card, which I will be, I’m afraid I’m going to go back to AT&T more costly services, which is exactly what they want.


      Sad *T-MOBILE_USA*_ Needs You!Splinter46

  • deathtrip

    They are out of stock. They’ve sold out so fast that they’re now waiting on cards to come back in stock. They aren’t discontinuing the AT&T compatible SIMs.

  • F U CrookedTalk

    I’m currently using an Unlocked AT&T Galaxy S3 on Straight Talk’s Network. My plan renewal started on Jan. 29th. I lost Voice/SMS/MMS/DATA at around 6pm on Feb. 5th. At that time I had used 441mb of data. I contacted Straight Talk who after going through the usual gambit of pulling the battery, checking APN settings, resetting the phone a zillion times. I was finally told it was a “network issue” on their end and to allow 54 hours for it to be corrected. I reached out to ST through their FB page and communicated with a “rep” and was told it could take up to 24 hours to complete(I think the first guy might have said 24 instead of 54 but who knows with that accent). It’s been almost 48 hours and about 24 hours ago I started to receive SMS/Voice again but no DATA/MMS at ALL. 24 hours ago right before everything started to work I got an automated call from Straight Talk saying my data usage was abnormally high and to call back and go through this questionaire to determine the problem. Really….441mb spaced over 8 days is excessive? I called them and they said there was no flag on my account for high data…well then morons, why did I get the message and why is my data still cut off??? That’s when I took to the web and started seeing all these issues with other people and AT&T sim cards and phones on ST network and rumor this and that about the DMCA and AT&T will no allow ST to sell sims for their phones, and they are continueing support for those already on there…I’m calling BS. I’m probably shut off because of whatever is going on with Straight Talk and AT&T. Sorry, after several years of dealing with multiple network issues, high stress of being throttled every single month at around 1gb-1.2gb and having to call when I renew my monthly service simply to go through the whole “pull the battery” check the APN settings, etc etc just to get UNTHROTTLED. I AM DONE. I’m taking my AT&T S3 back to AT&T and will be talking with them about setting up service this evening. Sorry ST but I’m tired of your scriptmonkeys(not a racial comment) reading off a screen, barely speaking ENGRISH, and lieing all the time has done it for me. I recall one month when you throttled me I called to ask why and they said I had high data but couldn’t even tell me how much I had used…really? F U. I know AT&T is more expensive and that’s why many people left them to begin with to go to Straight Talk but I’m so sick of ST that I’ll gladly pay 2x(plus a little more) to get the Data speeds I need and customer service WHEN I need it and without having to learn a foreign language just to understand them.

    • Crystal Horton

      Oh my god! I wish I would have truely did my research otherwise I would not have purchased the samsung galaxy s3 international factory unlocked and I also purchased what i thought was a sim card that would fit the galaxy. for 1 the sim card wasnt read on the phone even after i cut it down which probably wasnt a good idea. but after looking at your review and others straight talk definitely isnt worth it!

  • WLD-4

    This story is false. Last night I bought a starter pack from walmart and not only did it have the AT&T standard size SIM card, it also came with the AT&T micro sim and the T-Moble SIM.

    • Cecelia

      So were you able to activate with AT&T? They are no longer available in my local Walmart, but I see so many vendors on Amazon are selling the AT&T Straight Talk Sim Card.

    • ADBD3

      Could you please say where you are located? I am trying to find an AT&T compatible SIM card and starter pack to no avail in my area.

      • shilloh

        how much do u want for 1 i could use 2 if u have it

        • Earmstrong

          Email me

          • Aaron

            If you have anymore micro SIM cards could you email me @ I really need one, thanks.

          • Telika Farr

            Can my straight talk iphone 4 be used for at&t?

  • nynex elf

    I have like 5-6 Straight Talk At&t Sim Card Activation Start Kits at home I’ll be selling via amazon or ebay probably shortly, if anyone if interisted message me.

    • Dawn Marie

      Do I have to unlock my att phone or just have to buy the compatible sim card

      • nynex elf

        Just buy the compatible sim

        • Penny

          Do you know if you can use a t mobile sim card on a at t phone?? Does it just mean it will go off of t mobile towers??? Please help.. also I thought the phone had to be unlocked??? and its true about having issues with at&t sim card from straight talk for at t phone.. I dont get mms because the apn settings are not available because at&t made all there settings so the option to change settings were not available. Also I no longer get internet unless I am connected to a wifi, and I have to manually change this when I go from place to place, and thats only if a wifi connection is available.. been very stressful, I almost miss my stupid Huawii! I did learn that you can download iphone config utility and then can hook your phone to your computer and on this download you can make new apn configurations, but now that I have it downloaded I still can not figure how to set the apn up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

          • johndoe

            apple has a utility that you can download called iphone configuration utility. It is completely free from the apple website. I used it on my unlocked iphone to change the apn settings.

          • Chris O’Neill

            The phone doesn’t always have to be unlocked. Almost any Android and the iPhone 4s can be set up without unlocking, jailbreaking, or rooting. However, you might not get 3G speeds. The two companies use different frequencies for that. Only a handful of phones can use both companies 3G.

    • Yadi

      Me I’m interested… Please email me at thank you…

    • Jenny

      me, please contact me @
      thank you

    • k dog

      Leave a message…i do ill pay 40 to 50

    • Neymo

      Please let me know when these go for sale. My email is I’ll definitely get one! Thanks!

    • Joseph Kellum

      I will take one of those if they are still available.

    • Joebreck
    • Christina Roughton

      I would be interested in one of your activation kits

    • Amber

      I would LOVE one asap if you still have one!!! Please email me at

  • mono

    how much ?

    • nynex elf


      • Candace Stamps

        emaile me at i need a sims card or just get back at me and let me know when you are selling them on ebay yhanks

  • Mike Clark

    I’ve been reading various different sources about this today. I don’t have to worry about this for myself; I have a Nexus 4 and use one of T-Mobile’s pre-paid plans. But I have a friend who wants to switch and this is just giving him all kinds of fits as he stumbles through, trying to research and therefore “look before he leaps”.

    As near as I can tell, it seems plausible that AT&T realizes they’re hemorrhaging customers like a leaky faucet (and who can blame their customers?) and so this is their response. In certain respects it reminds me of Apple’s reaction in the 90s to the clone manufacturers (PowerComputing, Motorola, Radius, etc.) producing clone Macintoshes.

    Ultimately, of course, it’s just the customer that’s getting hosed. People for whom T-Mobile isn’t an option (my friend lives in a T-Mobile “hole”) and for whom the other CDMA carriers also suck is now possibly screwed and stuck with AT&T and their confiscatory rates.

    I’d love to see a professional journalist do some digging into relevant telco law to see if there are any possible rule or law violations here with respect to MVNOs being able to wholesale purchase time and bandwidth. Yeah, that’s right, I’m expecting journalists to actually do research and report something. *gasp!*

  • Cameron Myers

    I run a phone store that runs on all MVNO prepaid’s. This is my personal opinion – That the deal struck up with AT&T and Straight Talk was never suppose to be the “Bring Your Own Phone Plan” Obviously GSM phones require sim cards, I think AT&T originally allowed Straight Talk can use their coverage for Straight Talk branded phones. I think ST later released the BYOD Sim Card out of no where & Atnt Had no clue when first signing with ST, that this would happen. At&t has MANY mvno’s (in fact, more than any major carrier) they are aware they are losing customers to them. But they are allowing it. They save a ton on overhead, employees, ect by allowing the MVNO to handle everything. All major carriers are going to allow MVNO’s to use their towers in exchange for royalties in the future. Just not on THEIR branded devices.

    • Chris O’Neill

      Considering that I was using a SIM card(it was unlocked on AT&T) from Straight Talk’s Nokia E71 in other phones over a year before they even started BYOP, I do see your point. However, I’m pretty sure AT&T would have shut that down pretty quickly if that was the case.

      • Cameron Myers

        They did shut it down. But I am saying they were contracted in, in such a way where they couldnt act for a long time. Who knows, none of the stuff they discuss in closed doors will ever really reach the public

  • Ricky bobby’s cousin

    This is factual as AT&T is no longer going to allow straight talk users premium data features. There has been a lot of fraudulent sales of AT&T phones because of the ease of getting straight talk, and lets face it the people who shop at wal mart just to undercut competition are the people doing this. Further, since tmobile has one of the worst rated customer service ratings it’s very cheap to offer their service, wal mart will make much more money sellin the awful service provided. Personally straight talk has been a monopoly since day one, I’m glad people can see the true colors of this yet again wal mart exclusive label.

  • Leon Cejas

    i got an AT&T compatible StraightTalk sim card a couple of weeks ago, works fine once I figured out how to enable data. These cards are no longer available from either StraightTalk or WalMart web sites. They are going for $90 each on Amazon.

  • Nicole R Griffitts

    I just bought one it is the same as the T-Mobile sim here already activated and using it

    • Candace Stamps

      so the tmobile sim will work for att?

      • Nicole R Griffitts

        yes im using it got data services to work also just cant get mms I can send not receive

        • Chris O’Neill

          You need to be careful there. AT&T and T-Mobile use different frequencies for 3G. They use the same frequency for 2G. Only a handful of phones support 3G on both networks.

  • Joshua Bokelman

    ok so i need to get a new sim as i had to cut my nano sim for my iPhone 5 its currently a AT&T sim i paid for a whole years of service and its not up tell 10.21.2013

    so does this mean im fucked and i cant get AT&T sim card anymore and use it ill be stuck using t mobiles towers? does the AT&T note II unlocked work on there 3G/4G towers? or it dont support the freq?

    if so i dont think im going to change my iPhone….. /sigh fucking AT&T straight talk is awesome and so cheap i love it….

    so this also means u cant go to AT&T and buy a simcard and activate that sim with Straight talk?

  • NK Ashton

    They are available again! I just purchased a Straight Talk BYOP SIM card (packaged with $45 Unlimited 30 Day Plan and Activation Card Instructions) for $60 on shelf at Walmart (Zipcode 76021). 4 more on shelf. Says they are only compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, compatible or unlocked GSM phone.

    • TN Lola

      Hi! I’m considering ST and have AT&T, THE iPhone 4. Anyway, I’m just wondering how your experience with ST has been thus far? I look forward to you response. Thank you!

  • Danielle

    This story is NOT false…..
    I just attempted to purchase a at&t compatible micro sim and discovered that there only two places to buy these sim cards..Ebay and Amazon. I bought mine on Amazon for a quaint little sum of $144.00, be warned that there were only ten left when I purchased mine

    • Brian Spannbauer

      I live on the east cost and I had to look for a walmart on the west cost, I ordered the AT&T micro sim for $15.00 and had it shipped to my local store. It works fine. FYI thay are only 3G sim’s

      • Sabrina

        What zip code did you use? I have searched everywhere for one

      • ADBD

        Where did you get it from? PLEASE share!

      • Fordex Rosales

        because Straight Talk only have 3G…. dduuhhh!!!!!

  • sharon

    do I need to unlock iphone 4 thru att if I have straighttalk micro sim att card?

  • Michim

    Do you have any left? Is Straight Takk still activating AT&T compatible SIM cards? Thanks!

    • Fordex Rosales

      yes they are

  • Cassie Smith

    Do u know where I can get the AT&T compatible micro sim??

    • Fordex Rosales

      again EBAY and AMAZON


    I FoundOut that in NORWICH, NY, STRAIGHTTALK uses VERIZON WIRELESS, neither T-Mobile OR AT&T have good Signals there, Good Friend, Who has STRAIGHTTALK there

  • Marilyn

    If I buy a ST phone that is supported by ATT, Shouldn’t it already have a sim card in it? Therefore, Vi would think it would have art service. Any comments on this?

    • Fordex Rosales

      NO!!! the sims on that phone belong to ATT.. not on Straight Talk Duuhhhh!!!!

      • Jake

        Rosalies, u show ur immaturity and illiteracy abundantly. Try real hard to spell and structure your words and sentences correctly, so the rest of us are not tortured?

  • craig

    walmart told me an unlocked galaxy would work on straight talk. So i bought a $600 note and now can’t get a micro sim……just great

    • Dan

      I have one ST bundle left it has $45 unlimited 30 day service and three SIM cards att standard and micro and t-mobile standard sim. $130.00

      • Brian

        $60 at walmart in my local area…. $130? Lmfao. Yeah right.

  • melissa

    I just got a at&t Samsung galaxy s3. Found out can’t get the sim card from straight talk anymore so bought one off amazon. How do I transfer my number from my old standard sim on straight talk to the new one I get?? When I call straight talk will they do it without questioning anything?? I also have to upgrade my $30 plan to the $45 plan. Are they still supporting the at&t micro sim I just purchased?? It was $70 a lot of money!!

    • Fordex Rosales

      as long as the simcard is registered to there system it will work

  • frustrated

    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T unlocked phone for 600 bucks. Will a T-mobile Sims card work with it? If not is there anywhere to get a ATT compatible sims card other than amazon or ebay?

    • Fordex Rosales

      the ONLY place you can buy a micro sims for your phone are ONLY EBAY & AMAZON

  • frustrated

    Anyone needing a compatible Sims card for an ATT galaxy S3 phone? The w-mart in Benden TX has them 59.99. has 10 now. You can go to your local w-mrt and ask the electronics mngr to call the store (817) 571-7928 and ask them to send it to your local store! Good luck!

  • Adam Smith

    The ATT sims have gone out of stock in the past, and been brought back. Check internet forums last spring.

    Of course, that is no guarantee. My wife and I both use ATT microsims with straight talk in our Nexus 4 phones, and the bars (indicating data signal strength) we get has taken a nose dive in the last few days.

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if ATT won’t renew their agreements with straighttalk. Too many people understand you pay double with ATT for the same service than using ATT towers through straighttalk.

  • phred

    I have a st phone using att service. I bought a unlocked att android phone put my st sim card in it and it works fine. If you have a phone with st and it uses att towers just put your current active sim in the unlocked att phone it should work.

    • Fordex Rosales

      yes your right about that… talk and text will work.., just don’t use the data and it will surely not going to work.. it may work at 1st place not always…

  • srewobwj

    I would recommend steering clear of ST if you have any expectations regarding data service. Simply put, I’m on Wi-Fi most of the time and rarely do anything other than stream music from time to time, but some how ST considers me a high data user/abuser. It’s gotten so absolutely absurd that they turned my data service off, completely. Think about that for a minute. I purchase a high end phone (GS2) from them and they immediately began throttling my service and have now turned it off and refuse to turn it back on. So I paid them $350 for the phone, $45 for service and I now have a useless f*&^ing paper weight. My advice: run away from ST.

    • Joe

      Same thing happened to me. My phone had a corrupt email program that was eating up data and I didn’t know it. After 5 weeks of getting the phone I was reduced permanantly! Calling them gets you nowhere! They will tell you they are sending ou to another customer service person and you get a recording. It’s like they are tricking you!j I am out $300 but think of all those poor people who bought the $600 Iphones. Please someone drag them into court. False advertising. Unlimited means “no limits!”


      • Fordex Rosales

        yes your right about that part no limits since its unlimited…. BUT did you asked your self what type of phone do you have??? and the plan what phone it was designed before??? Our phones got evolve.. from regular to smart phone and android and iphone which using too much internet data…. there unlimited plans are designed for the regular phone only before… and especially if you want unlimited data used WI.FI.

        • Ruth Bader Ginsburg

          @RolodexForsale what you said doesn’t make any sense at all…including the 3m other replies to every comment on talkandroid. These unlimited offers are current and I think the people selling them are familiar with smartphones – maybe your right though and they imagine everyone is using startac’s and its 1999.

      • Won Word

        Why don’t YOU “drag them not court”?

        Can’t be bothered?

  • txassholdem

    Just bought a S3 on EBAY that is unlocked from AT&T. Havent got the S3 yet but am told that after buying the SIM frm ST I may/may not have to cut it down to fit, but it will work to provide the service from ST. I’m already an ST user using a cheaper phone.
    If it doesnt work I’ll be going to TING.COM

  • Fordex Rosales

    yes BUT when you started with it., its BEST to get a new phone again

  • Fordex Rosales

    thing to remember on Straight talk BYOP phones…
    1. Phone should UNLOCK GSM PHONEs
    meaning: for those people do not get the meaning of it.
    -phone should be OPEN/UNLOCKED
    -able to read the sims from different carrier
    -which is ILLEGAL in the US b’coz of the new bill… sucks!!!!
    2.You Need SIMs from Straight Talk
    -which for the moment is AT&T Sims is NOT AVAILABLE
    -on on there websites or walmart stores..
    Whats available??? T.Mobile SIMs ONLY.. not available on walmart stores
    3. call and text may work immediately…
    4. data/internet NEEDS APN(Access Point Name) needs setup/adjustment
    -call customer reps for this one.. if data will not work meaning your phone
    is not UNLOCK and still reading the old default APN settings of the phone.
    5.for those people who wants unlimited internet…
    use WI.FI… network internet do not have unlimited especially if you will be using
    youtube., Pandora.., or any video streaming or p2p…..
    6. AT&T SIMs ONLY available @ EBAY and AMAZON….. ONLY!!!!!!!!!
    with EXTRA super price……. sucks!!!!!

  • cassie winland

    Why does it say not registered on network please help

    • Won Word

      I told you I wanted the Henderson Report in my inbox by 3, and you’re goofing off on the web?!

  • cassie winland

    I can’t make calls at work

    • Won Word

      Stop goofing off and get back to work.

  • bill nichols

    “45 .. Is hard to beat” **IF** you get decent data speed & no weaseling. Claiming that “45 a month is hard to beat” is total BS if all you get is voice/text service. There are plenty of carriers who provide that .. for less.

  • molly

    when you do this how do you get the internet to work?? i have no data capabilities at all

  • tim

    when Straight talk is done with at&t then i will be done with straight talk

    • Karen

      Exactly. Unless I am at work or at home, I have no “data” services whatsoever — maps, directions — nothing. I travel from the east to the west coast of Florida often. Do I want to be stuck in Belle Glade or Clewiston without those services? I think not. And, it took them over two years to correct my settings so I could send and receive “media.”

  • Francis J. Connors

    Don’t get the sim package! !!! I’ve had the package about 6 months now. Past few months I keep getting text with a pic rejected! Straight Talk blames att for there bad service.