Facebook’s Mobile User Count Reveals Android And iOS Users Are Neck And Neck… But Android Is Growing At A Faster Rate


It’s no secret that more and more users of mobile devices prefer Android over everything else, but it also appears that more of us use Facebook on our devices compared to well… everyone else. I know you’re all slightly perplexed at where I am going, so let me explain— the Facebook app is no doubt a mainstay on mobile devices everywhere… regardless of what mobile OS the app is on. However— it appears there are more Facebook for Android users than Facebook for iPhone users. In fact– research indicates Facebook’s Android user count is growing much faster than its iPhone user base, despite the Facebook app being found on a lower percentage of Android devices. Through some raw data compiled by Benedict Evans, data shows that since September 2011, Facebook for Android had a 66 million monthly active user count (MAU) and Facebook for iPhone had a 91 million MAU. Moving to November 2012, Android had grown to a 192.8 million MAU while iPhone only had a 147.2 million MAU. The data shows that Facebook’s Android users helped Facebook reach a total of 604 million mobile users by the end of Q3 2012, which is tremendous.

As exciting as the findings are, there are some things to note. While there are more Facebook Android users than iPhone users, there are more Facebook iOS users overall when the iPad user base is taken into account. As it stands, there is a 48 million MAU for iPad users, which brings the total to 195.2 million MAU, just slightly more than the overall Android user base. In addition, the study could not take into account the integration that may not have been taken advantage of with iOS6 users, so the number could very well dwarf the number of Android users.

Still, the fact that Android users are not only adopting Facebook mobile at a faster rate, but are also contributing Facebook’s overall growth is certainly nothing to sneeze at. It will be interesting to see how the numbers grow as Facebook continues to get better and better for the Android platform.

source: TechCrunch

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

Conceived as Spock’s 4th cousin, Roy has had quite the life. He was born in beautiful San Jose, California, raised in Los Angeles, California and now resides in the greater New York City area. He has always been fascinated and obsessed with technology, especially the continuous advancements of mobile platforms. He was a Blackberry slave since his undergrad days at the University of Southern California until realizing in Feb. 2011, there were greener pastures in the land of Android. His first Android phone was the Motorola Atrix 4G, and he hasn’t looked back. He currently works in corporate media, enjoys following media and technology trends, reading a good book, weightlifting, playing on his XBOX 360 and conversing with total strangers.

  • Kevin Phan

    Maybe this is a good motivation for the Facebook android app devs to actually start updating the Facebook app again.

    • http://twitter.com/piyushr21 Piyush

      Android platform is best for Facebook they already know that but fragmentation on android brings Facebook experience down , it’s very difficult for them to see every mobile screen , firmware and processor which are different in every mobile

  • Norm Mosley

    I use Chrome to access Facebook on my Android. App took over phone too much but web browser is fine. Do I get counted as an Android user? Not everyone uses the apps…

  • http://www.facebook.com/unclewoja Rodger Brehaut

    Not many people buy into both Android and iOS ecosystems. Those that do either have a reason for it, have had one device supplied to them (i.e a work phone or a work iPad) that is another OS to what they use by their own choosing, or are currently moving from one ecosystem to another.

    That being said, I’d surmise that the lion’s share of iPad users being counted are actually the same physical person. Essentially, the iPad/iPhone segregation in the data is giving millions of iOS users 2 votes.

    While the same is true for android users who have both a phone and tablet, seeing as Android tablets have a much smaller install base than iPads, it can easily be deduced that of the ~192mil Android users, nowhere near 48mil would be the same person POSSIBLY counted twice.

    My guess would be that at least 1/2 the iPad users are counted in the iPhone stats as well, so iOS users would be well below Android users.

  • Frogbone

    I use my Android phone but I also have an ipad. So, how does that fit into your numbers ? I am sure I am not the only one that has both.

    • Riyadh Ashiblie

      I have both too!