GT-N5100 shows up in benchmarks again, possibly 7-inch Galaxy Note

Remember when those benchmarks showed up a few weeks ago that sparked some rumors about a 7-inch Galaxy Note? We’ve got a little more fuel for the fire. This time it’s a GLBenchmark confirming the GT-N5100, sporting an Exynos 4412 chip and a 1280 x 800 resolution screen. It’s pretty doubtful Samsung would revamp the Note 2 so early with how well it’s selling, so this device is likely going to be tablet sized. It makes sense for Samsung to offer a Note in a 7-inch form factor; the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are both extremely popular options with a comfortable screen size, and offering the S-Pen on top of that would be a smart move by Samsung. Anyone else hoping it does turn out to be a Note 7?

source: GLBenchmark

via: SamMobile

  • jtv

    Wow. It might be the successor to my Galaxy Tab 7.7. Has the same resolution. I hope it is!