Google Maps for iOS is now useless because Apple is rearranging the Earth’s geography to improve Apple Maps

As you might have heard, Google released their version of Maps for iOS yesterday finally giving Apple users a proper Maps app, or so they thought. Turns out Apple had a plan all along and they are working on a complete rearrangement of the Earth’s geography. Apparently they already started renaming streets, switching the location of buildings, and destroying some landmarks. Apple CEO Tim Cook said..

“Apple is committed to providing the best user experience possible, which is why we are working to dismantle Brooklyn Bridge and put London in Canada.”

Leave it to Apple to disrupt the entire world to straighten out their mess. Head on past the break for the full video highlighting the details, and hopefully you will get a good laugh for this fine Friday morning.

source: theonion


  • PKM

    I have a feelling that one of the moderators is an apple fan, its obvious apple is going to upgrade their maps, google maps have been worked on for ages, just because of one update apple maps will be better ?

  • dheeraj

    Didn’t think that android victory would crush APPLE so badly that their skill to develop proper apps has declined

  • ONN

    Onion News Network, you’ve done it again :))))

    this parody news website ought to be recognized by now.


  • Mario Gaucher

    By the way, there is a city named London in Canada… And it’s not apple doing its tricks :-)

  • Ben

    Apple fails again. No more innovation leaves room for frustration.

  • KaLnoX

    So lame that its sad really…