Verizon Samsung Galaxy Camera with LTE confirmed

Just one week ago we caught a glimpse of the Galaxy Camera with 4G LTE skating past the FCC. Now we can all but make it official thanks to a Samsung product page (which has since been taken down). The addition of LTE should make using the camera blazing fast, but the price is a little difficult to justify. No official pricing was mentioned on the product page, but it shouldn’t be too much different than AT&T’s version, if at all. I’m looking forward to more of  these things getting out in the wild so we can get a better feel for it. What are your thoughts on the Galaxy Camera?

source:  The Verge

  • dinmab

    useless. wifi is more than enough. who in their right mind will get a data plan for a camera ? wifi / phone hotspot shld do the trick.

  • Drawz

    The main problem is pricing. Just too difficult to justify spending this much on this type of introductory device. Make it $249 on contract and maybe you get people’s attention