Facebook reveals official Photo Sync feature for Android and iOS app

A couple months ago we reported on Facebook’s testing of a new photo uploading feature for their Android app. Today Facebook announced the official availability of the new feature for Android and iOS versions of their mobile app. The Photo Sync function will automatically upload pictures captured with a mobile device to a special, private album on the user’s Facebook account. Once uploaded, the user can decide at a later time whether they want to share the photo. 

Users of the Google+ mobile app will quickly recognize the new Facebook feature is very similar to Google’s instant upload feature. Google does not limit the size of the album while Facebook has a 2GB limit. Google also performs instant uploads in the background without the app even being open and does not compress the photos. Facebook on the other hand, has to be open for the upload to occur and will compress photos down to 100kb unless uploaded via WiFi.

Is the addition of Photo Sync a feature you are glad to see in the Facebook mobile app? Were you hoping Facebook might address something else first in light of their ‘droidfooding initiative?

source: Facebook
via: TechnoBuffalo

  • Seth

    Facebook can’t even make a good Facebook app. Half the time it doesn’t even let me view pictures, so why would I want them to manage my photos too.

    p.s. I use dropbox to back up my pictures. It doesn’t freeze, force close, drain my battery, or degrade the photos