Google Play Music updated, adds gapless playback

Audiophiles annoyed by the lack of gapless playback support in the Google Play Music app will be glad to know Google has added that feature in their latest update released today. Gapless playback creates a seamless transition between songs when listening to an album as opposed to a few seconds of silence. Gapless playback is one of those features that can be a deal breaker for some music lovers.

In addition to the gapless playback support, Google has added or improved a few other features. Google Play Music will now keep information locally on a device regarding Thumbs Up ratings, Last Added information, and Free and Purchased playlists are now kept on device. Google also added the ability to auto-generate Instant Mixes. These can be found on the Recent tab and are based on your favorite songs.

To get Google Play Music or to update, use one of the download links below.

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  • yippiedad

    F I N A L L Y ! ! ! This has been my one reason for not going fully Google with my music collection. Now it’s time to start uploading my collection.