Sprint rumored to be prepping a revamped Galaxy S II in Titanium for $99.99

Rumor has it that Sprint is gearing up to release a refreshed version of Samsung’s Galaxy S II (yes, two). The leaked render shown above reveals an all-touch candybar styled smartphone, reminiscent of last year’s Epic 4G Touch. Interestingly, we also spotted this very same device earlier today in a set of Sprint roadmap leaks, ultimately leading us to believe that this smartphone is indeed coming sometime in the future. Details are still scarce, but we’d expect the “Titanium”-colored S2 to hit store shelves this holiday season.

Source: Android Central

  • fusuikan

    I don’t see why not. Sure there are faster phones, but in most of the world this is way more device than they can obtain. I have the AT&T version, which is almost identical to the international model, and I honestly cannot entertain a reason to upgrade. I am plenty familiar with a fast Android experience being the proud owner of a 16GB Google Nexus 7, and don’t feel I miss a think with my GS2. It’s up to any task any app in todays market can throw at it and then some.

    • lostsync

      We’re quickly reaching the point the desktop/laptop market hit years back where even the most basic devices are plenty fast for the vast majority of today’s computing tasks. I feel the same way about my Galaxy Nexus as you do your SGSII. It’s not the fastest thing in the world, not by a long shot, but I’ve yet to run across an app that made me wish it was faster.

  • Bralgar

    I wonder if it will have a new screen(rgb) like the note2?

  • http://twitter.com/ifrins Francesc

    I think it’s a bit late to launch new models of the SGII

  • RTWright

    Well to be honest, what has been said here may be true to a point. The fact of the matter is that they can get a GSIII for the same price in some cases based on what promotions are running on what carrier. I don’t recommend Sprint in my area because it is still too iffy about how stable a connection you get. Like I was just out at a Park today, not out in the boonies either, I was not far from a major college campus and got squat for connection.

    But still, point being made by me here is, why pay $99 for an out of date device when the GSIII and it’s variants are out here for that very price. Shop around and you’ll see. All of the major carriers tend to offer it for that price off and on and I’m sure it will be again before Christmas is here and gone.