Apple told to rewrite its “Samsung did not copy” statement and keep it posted until mid-December

Remember when a UK court ordered Apple to post a notice on their UK website saying Samsung did not copy Apple’s designs? I’m sure it must have extremely tough for Apple to do that, but at least they complied, right? Well, maybe not. A UK court of appeals has criticized Apple for its choice of words, and the fact that the statement is hidden in a footer link on the website. That same court of appeals found that Apple is non-compliant with the court order.

That’s not it, there’s even better news out of this. Apple has been told to rewrite the statement, and post it in at least an 11-point font within 48 hours. Apple is contesting that time frame, saying it would need at least two weeks to rewrite the statement, which reportedly shocked some of the court officials. Regardless, Apple’s legal team still must work within that 48 hour time frame, and the new statement must remain up until December 14th. I wonder what UK Christmas shoppers are going to think?

Source: The Guardian

  • jcauseyfd

    The Court ought to impose a temporary injunction on the sale of Apple devices until Apple complies. That might get their attention and put an end to the games.

    • Kary

      I’ve said he should just strike their pleadings and give Samsung whatever relief it requested in its initial pleadings.

      LOL though on how it supposedly takes Apple 14 days to update their website. They should get some better computers and software.

  • Christopher Tsamados

    Good their previous statement was pathetic. I’m glad someone’s finally letting the arrogant a holes have it.