Verizon’s Galaxy Note II will feature a carrier branded home button

Verizon unveiled the final version of its Galaxy Note II today, and while it does look significantly like it’s fellow US brethren, you may haven noticed one minor change. Yes, that’s the home button with Verizon’s logo. Remember when we originally saw a leaked photo of the Galaxy Note II, revealing what we had believed to be a carrier-branded home button? Well, unfortunately it looks just as bad now as it did then.

The reason behind the move makes little sense considering no other carriers have received this type of special treatment from Samsung. It’s very possible that large sums of money exchanged hands for this deal to happen. Regardless, let’s just hope it’s easy to remove.

Source: Phandroid

  • Verizon_Gone_Bad

    Verizon is letting its “best-carrier rating” go to its head.

    We’re the best… let’s charge the most!
    We’re the best… let’s make groups of family members try to all split 2GB of data.
    Let’s take away everyone’s unlimited data.
    Let’s force people to pay for “unlimited minutes” even if its clear they only use 80.
    Let’s put our logo *ON* the button… even though pressing that button has nothing to do with a “Verizon Feature” starting/opening, at all.
    We’re Verizon… lets update our devices to Jelly Bean *AFTER* all other companies do.
    We’re Verizon… lets charge extra family members just for the privilege of sharing data that they already paid for.

    (It’s only going to get worse, people.)

    • James T

      I wholeheartedly agree. This is getting excessively ridiculous.