Featured Play Store Newbie: SUMIONI Demon Arts THD [TegraZone – Arcade & Action]

Let just call today National Tegra day because two games were just released in the TegraZone. We already told you about the first one, Razor Salvation, and now a little about SUMIONI Demon Arts THD from ACQUIRE Corporation. In this game you play the role of the Ink Demon named Agura who is summoned to save Japan from doom. Your finger becomes the brush and you will perform various ink attacks by drawing directly on the touch screen. So ink is your primary weapon and in order to beat your enemies you will need to draw platforms to get Agura in the right position to get the bad buy.

The developers didn’t include a trailer video, but I did include the PlayStation Vita trailer that should give you a good idea of the gameplay. Here’s the kicker, it isn’t cheap at $12.63. Let me know if you try this game and what you think about it. Check out the video below and hit one of the download links to get started.



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