Apple wins, consumers lose, and the USPTO should be ashamed

I’m not sure I can say that I’m shocked at yesterday’s verdict, but I can say I’m thoroughly outraged. Anyone reading this knows I’m on the Android side of the fence, but that has nothing to do with it. I’ve already stated that if things were reversed, I wouldn’t want to see Samsung win either. I know readers probably won’t believe that, but it’s true. Yes, I want Android to always be the leader, but never at the expense of innovation.

Now with that said, the jury isn’t at fault here. The verdict was correct based on the patents that Apple owns, and there’s no question that Samsung was guilty of infringing on them. In fact Samsung never had a chance to win this case, so I’m not sure why they invested so much trying to fight it. The problem is the patents themselves and the patent system as a whole. Samsung argued that Apple’s patents we are all based on previous innovations and therefore weren’t valid, but it was unlikely the jury would overturn what the United States Patent and Trademark Office already issued. Assuming that’s the case, the jury had no choice but to find that Samsung did in fact infringe on the patents. If anyone is guilty of any wrong-doing it’s the USPTO for issuing the patents in the first place.

In no way should any company own a patent for basic software related items or designs. With this kind of system, everyone is forced to apply for patents for every crazy thing. Apple claims Samsung was a “copycat”, but the only thing Samsung was guilty of was to be inspired by Apple. In every industry that I’m aware of, companies create products and competitors make similar versions that are sometimes better or worse. That’s how things work, but for some reason Apple thinks they are different.

Apple’s argument is that consumers will be confused with like products, but that is an issue in every industry or technology. Let’s take a look at automobiles. So many cars look alike because the manufacturers adopt similar designs.  Go up to a few strangers and point out a car and ask them if they know the brand and model. I guarantee you that most of them won’t know. How about TV’s and Laptops? All of them have similar designs. How many people can look at a TV from afar and know the brand of it? The only way to tell is to walk up to it and find the logo of the manufacturer.

As to software, every company takes elements from others and tweaks it in an attempt to improve on it. There’s no question that Samsung and other Android manufacturers have implemented things that Apple invented like pinch to zoom, but Apple is just as guilty for copying the competition. The swipe down for notifications that was introduced in iOS 5 is just one example. How about Apple’s new Maps app? Isn’t that a direct copy of Google Maps?

The patent system as we know it forces everyone to apply for meaningless patents, all at the cost of the consumers. So the only way to win is to apply for a patent for every little code that is written. Look at how many flashlight apps there are for both iOS and Android. I don’t know who actually created the very first app that utilized the camera flash as a flashlight, but whoever it is should probably have a patent so they can screw every other developer that tried to make a better version. Seems crazy, but that’s the system that’s in place. The same goes for hardware. Every little design needs to be patented. Every company now has to live in fear that one little curve on their hardware will infringe on someone else’s patent.

As I mentioned earlier the only thing Samsung was guilty of was inspiration, which is something that happens in every industry. To me a copycat product is a product that is a complete knock-off that is an exact replica down to the logo. These products are designed to fool the consumer. Samsung didn’t do that. Did their products look similar? Yes, but were they trying to fool the consumer? I can’t imagine there were too many consumers that brought their Galaxy S home thinking it was an iPhone. Even if they did, they would know pretty quickly once they realized they didn’t have access to iTunes.

As an Android fan, there’s no sense being frustrated with Apple. The current patent system is what allowed them to win this case, and Apple took full advantage of it. You can’t blame them, but on the other hand, they did say this case was about values, not money. If they were concerned with values, they would have never used these ridiculous patents to destroy innovation.

So where do things go from here? We have the appeals process and all that good stuff, but Samsung won’t be able to get out of this one. The question is how Google and the rest of Android will respond? Unless someone investigates the USPTO’s process, things will never change and will only get worse. How will anyone make cell phones or tablets moving forward without worrying that some little part of it resembles an Apple product (or someone else’s for that matter). Steve Jobs wanted to go thermonuclear on Android and this is one victory that I’m sure he would have loved to see. It’s a major victory indeed, and Apple fans will be throwing parties this weekend, but you have to wonder if Google and other Android OEM’s are planning a thermonuclear attack of their own. It’s a sad day folks, but far from over.

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

Robert lives in upstate New York where he was born and raised. Technology was always his passion. His first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Color that used a cassette tape to save programs, and his first laptop was a Toshiba T1200FB that sported a CGA greyscale screen and two 720kb floppy drives (no hardrive). From the early 90’s through late 2011, he only owned Motorola phones starting with the MircroTAC all the way through to the Droid X. He broke that streak when he bought the Galaxy Nexus. Now he's sporting a Galaxy Note 4, and absolutely loves it. He has a wonderful wife and a 6 year old son. In his free time he enjoys sports, movies, TV, working out, and trying to keep up with the rapid fast world of technology.

  • sad Android

    Great comments, congratulations for you, I’m an Android fan, from now on I’m an apple hater, Are they God or what? I think they are the most harmful company in the universe…

    • aeiouaeiou

      It’s not apple fault here, it’s the patent system.

      There are tons of other problems that patents cause aside from this, and until the patent system is either reformed or replaced companies will always use it to increase their profits.

      Apple’s (and any for-profit company at that) main goal is to make money. They’ll do (pretty much) anything within the confines of united states law as well.

      • Fozziwig

        Apple chose to abuse the flawed patent system. That is their doing. Whether you call a premeditated action a ‘fault’ is another thing.

        • aeiouaeiou

          You’re right, they did abuse the system. Hating/criticizing every company that “abuses” the patent system is ridiculous though. There are thousands that do, many of which are large companies. While I agree that Apple should have set a better example, the fundamental issue is how patents are done, and what they mean for industry innovation. It’s pointless to circlejerk about hating a company when the real issue is the framework that allows them to win a legal battle like this.

      • anakin

        That’s complete BS and you KNOW it.

        The fault lies with Apple AND the patent system. It IS possible, you know, to run a company *without* being evil.

        • aeiouaeiou

          It’s possible, but other than Google (who’s literal slogan is to not be evil) how many companies can you name that are worth 100 billion+ and aren’t in some way “evil.”

          There’s no way that a well run company that is legally entitled (in reality, obligated) to collect money is not going to do so.

    • Samuel Esparza

      That’s not a good reason to hate apple, i for one wanted an iPhone at one point, i also use android and use it as my main os, both devices have great operating systems but ios 6 looks exactly like ios 1.0 with the addition of folders and wallpaper. I blame the stupid patent system

  • Philip Courtois

    I have a feeling that Google and Company were waiting for the outcome of this trial to determine how hard they have to fight back with their own patents. Reality is that Google and Co. holds key cell phones wireless patents that Apple can’t live without. Time to pull out the big guns, Google!

    • tehjoker

      Agreed, now if Sammy goes fu to apple in chips and screens this will get interesting…

      • RTWright

        Right now if I were Samsung, I’d drop all support to Apple on every level. They would not get a single thing from us, not chips, screens or otherwise. And here people think that Apple makes all that themselves. Heh!

        • Elliott Hansen

          The mobile side of Samsung is different from the manufacturer. Samsung will make far more money by selling parts to apple then they lost in this case

          • bdbilly

            Alright then, well I would just up the price.

        • Fuck Apple With a Hot Poker

          Why not just make “defective” chips instead? Make em crap out randomly and you’d ruin Apple’s rep among the idiots that buy iShit and have a much more damaging effect on Apple without breaking contracts and losing massive amounts of money.

      • Colonel Sanders

        Nah they should still make the parts, but very VERY EXPENSIVE so they can get most of that
        $1,049,343,540 back

      • mike k

        Apple is ramping up a chip production area. So that’s the fu to samsung

  • drawz

    this may be a win for Apple, but I think more and more consumers are beginning to realize how slimy they are.

    • aeiouaeiou

      This argument fits well with the “Don’t buy chick-fil-a because their CEO supports gay hate groups.”

  • sammy

    what pure b.s! Samsung copied. android fans should buy all the phones they can in the next couple of months…….

    • RTWright

      If you’re saying that Samsung copied? You’re a moron. Which makes you just another Apple fanatic that needs to move on back to your world of virtual reality while the rest of us live in the real world where Apple is just as guilty about this as all others.

      • GraveUypo

        if you can’t see that samsung has gotten “inspiration” from apple you’re the one who’s a blind fanboy. they did copy a lot of stuff from apple, specially the design and layout of their touchwiz overlay
        (even icons. that’s lazy design work). but that shouldn’t warrant a 1 billion dollar fine. it’s stupid.
        not to mention some of the patents apple holds shouldn’t even have been validated in the first place.

        • Alex

          Yea that’s a really unique design feature, a bunch of square icons arranged on a grid. I wonder how they came up with such a revolutionary idea like that.

          • butnmshr

            Because Steve Jobs is God. And slide to unlock… BRILLIANCE. JUST GENIUS. Those damn door bolt manufacturers should be shuddering for stepping on Apples toes like that.

          • ari_free

            They should get the Nobel prize for those icons. I’m sure it required several PhD’s to implement.

    • Saif

      They’re all old phones :P

    • Dacha LiceKnjiga

      He he, maybe you have to wait for your upgraded= same iPhone, but we are already using latest technology last 8 months

      • butnmshr

        LATEST TECHNOLOGY, HUH? Like 4G? NFC? HDMI? More than 800mhz of processor? No?? Oh.

  • RTWright

    The problem also here was Samsung got valuable evidence thrown out because of leaking it out to the public. That hurt big time. Other problem is, no one has really talked much about is how Apple only focused on devices that were made on or after the release of the first iPhone. Had they went back to the first touch screen phone devices they would not have had a case for much other than that they filed for patents that should never have been granted. But that is our Patent Office flaw and they got it.

    I stated on G+ article that Apple has a history, of shooting themselves in the foot. This is what they’re doing here. Because they have infringed on countless Patents themselves, they have refused to pay licensing royalties to the owners of said Patents. They have repeatedly been the ones more guilty than anyone, of copying others and getting away with it and have since the first Apple based OS with a UI. But it will come back around because of the Appeals and there are a lot of companies out there starting to band together because of what this particular case has done.

    In other words, Apple will get theirs. When they do? It’s going to be painful. Do I wish Apple to go away like others that right now hate them? No, because that’s just as bad as them winning. We need freedom of choice as consumers. OEM’s need competition to give us these choices. We need the Patent Office brought to justice is what we all need and get rid of these flaws in the system so Software like all others can be competitive without fear of being brought to trial for something being similar to another.

    Lets face it, like it or not, there is NOTHING you can do original at this point in any form of computer based technology, it’s all been done pretty much. Squared screens, rounded corners, icons have been this as well since the beginning of GUI history. Touch Screen technology was around far before any iPhone was around, I used it in several industries I worked in with both Food and Retail. It’s NOT something that Apple created. As I said, it will come back around and like always, bit Apple in the backside and we’ll all laugh when it does.

    • Saif

      Apple’s future isn’t looking good

    • butnmshr

      YESSSSS! Seems like nobody remembers the Sun Micro vs. Apple stuff in the eighties, where Apple “stole” the mouse and the GUI. Argued that they were unpatentable and got slapped hard. Hypocrites…

      • daengbo

        It’s a shame that the legal system doesn’t allow you to enter sworn testimony from other civil trials. I wish that corps had to take a single stance and just deal with it.


      Do You REMEMBER IBM’s VERY FIRST TOUCHSCREEN PHONE? I have forgotten the MODEL #, I believe came out on/in 2004. I have PHOTO of It tho.

  • kurt hinds

    Crapple just gave American consumers the finger and called it values!

    • Chris Portle

      It’s simpler than that. Apple gave the world’s consumers the iPhone and Samsung called it the Galaxy.

      • Chuck

        You sound stupid.

      • flamencoguy

        God gave the Universe the rectangle and rounded corners and Apple claimed it as their invention.

  • Tony Schueller

    Rot in hell Steve jobs …Samsung should say FU on parts apple need for the new iPhone coming its BS galaxy S3 eats iPhones for breakfast comparison

    • Peter

      I have an S3. The S3 is an amazing phone…. but that’s all thanks to small design choices made by Apple and copied by Samsung. Look at the court documents showing Samsung’s comparison of the S1 vs. the iPhone. They point out every little detail that makes the iphone intuitive and easy-to-use. The iPhone deserves credit for that kind of innovation. It really is brilliant.

      That said, hopefully they can continue innovating with the iPhone 5… I give respect to anyone who moves technology forward. In my opinion, Samsung is only trying to catch up. They’ve done nothing new.

      • Tard

        You’re missing the fact that Apple does not create or develop any of the hardware. The hardware is supplied by Samsung, LG, Foxconn, and countless others. They’re not innovating anything hardware wise. This comment really makes me mad.

        • orly

          To Chris: They did move technology forward. The world was full of flip phones; But when the first iPhone was introduced, the industry as a whole got a shot in the pants that the status quo wasn’t going to make it anymore. Thats a good thing. It made the industry innovate and gave us the choices we have today. (Just like when all there was were “brick” phones then Motorola created the slim flip phone, which again forced people to catch up and make smaller, more compact phones).

          Tard: Apple does make some of the hardware (namely the processor these days), but not all. Just like every other company. I dare you to find one phone on the market that uses only its own companies technology and hardware.

          • Sully

            Uhhh, Samsung makes the A5 chip actually, and the flash memory, and the SSD, and some other things.

            • JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE

              I knew about the A5X_CPU_CHIP, But didn’t know about the Others. Thank-You @Orly

          • ari_free

            We’ve moved a long way since the first iPhone. It’s ancient history, just like the forgotten but once ubiquitous Palm Pilot.

          • belovedvegan

            like the other guys said… not only does samsung make most of apples screens, but also the a5 chip and memory. you should probably read up a little before making a statement like that, giving apple all the credit for smart phones…. hp ipaqs were around long before iphones, as well as most of the technology that went into them.

            • Alkama

              Maybe you should all read about ARM architecture on Wikipedia, especially the arm6 part.

            • flamencoguy

              And the Dell AXIM

          • flamencoguy

            It is licensed from ARM my friend. Apple did not create the A5 from scratch and they do not have a fab that actually manufacture it. It is outsourced to a foundry.

          • JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE

            SAMSUNG FACTORY in TEXAS MADE & SOLD the C5X_CPU_CHIPS for the iPHONE_3/3G/3GS/4/4S/5 & iPAD_2/3 for $4BIL

      • Chris

        Apple has not done crap to ‘move technology forward.’ Look at the 4 and the 4s, only difference is Siri, other than that it’s the same stupid phone. Also the Iphones are still 3g where as Samsung has went into the 4g LTE grove of things. Cell phones have been around for a long time and Apple has only came into the game however many years ago and has not shown me one thing that makes me wet my pants and sit in anticipation for the next one and what really gets me is that the Iphone 5 will have a smaller charge port than the previous ones, so now EVERYONE has to buy all new stuff, way to go Apple.

        • Greenleaf

          Just wanted to point out that the 4s has a better camera, a dual core processor, as well as other things. Not just siri…

          • belovedvegan

            a dual core processor clock at .8 ghz with only 512mb of ram…. not exactly something i would brag about. when it comes down to apple vs android, its going to come down to money. android is available to a larger market and apples numbers have been shrinking in the mobile department. now, with apples desperate move in halting **REAL**<<< innovation, samsung as well as other companies have to figure out ways to give people like you and me a way to have choices… i used to love my iphone, but after realizing that ive been looking at the same interface for 3 years i realized how much android had to offer. you want to see innovation?? look at the differences between ios 1.0 and 5.0 vs android 1.0 and 4.1. its clear where all the talent, innovation and understanding of the market is. i hear apple is allowing you to put an alternative phone number on the home screen with ios 6 in case your phone gets stolen… yawn.

          • Samuel Esparza

            Better camera? The Htc amaze and one series have a better camera sensor and more ram than the iphone. An underclocked samsung made processor is not something to brag about either, siri to me is a gimmick, not something i’d use

            • flamencoguy

              Siri isn’t even made by Apple. they bought the company that created it !!! Check it out

            • JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE

              Very TRUE! SIRI was going to make an ANDROID VERSION BEFORE APPLE INC. Bought Them. STEVE JOBS KILLED IT, after SALE.

        • mobilemann

          hey, just wanted @robertnazarian to know i’m a galaxy s3 user (upgraded from a gnex) and i think you should be ashamed of this. Rooting for one side simply because one runs android is idiotic; and I personally agree with the majority of the press and the judgement, samsung went far to far.

          I’ve use a 4s and the similarities of svoice and it are ridiculous. The faux leather included with touchwiz is the same.

          Thanks for letting me know this site is completely irrational ~ easy to tell from one click that i won’t be returning.

          • audioboxer217

            Did you even read the article? Robert didn’t bash on Apple or ‘root’ for Samsung at all (in fact he says the verdict was correct in our current patent system). This whole article is about how screwed up the patent system is.

            • mobilemann

              please, how can you look at some of the samsung phones that look exactly like 3gs, or svoice, or the faux leather in the calendar, or the charger, or the packaging, or the appstore icons in samsung stores, and then scream

              ‘PATENT REFORM!!!!1111one’

              it’s ridiculous. They deserved to get hit.

    • Joe Crossley

      The problem is, Samsung’s mobile department and their hardware dept are basically two different entities.

    • destroyandroid

      your sgs3 is shit Apple always wins 

      • androidman

        becoz u r blind!!!!!!

  • GraveUypo

    wow exactly what i think. i agree 100% with this

  • Decapitated

    I see where you’re coming from, and in some cases I agree, others, not very much. Apple can be exaggerating or excessively patenting, sure. But pinch-to-zoom is one of the most defining modern gestures, it’s ubiquitous and almost standard. The first thing I do picking up a mobile device is pinch to zoom when browsing or viewing images…etc. Apple made that possible. And for software developers to not expect Apple to protect their intellectual property and innovation is downright absurd. Yes, you’re right, it directly hurts us costumers; compromising experiences on different platforms, but that’s how the world is. I mean, Google went as far as admonishing Samsung from copying Apple, stating its tablets looked too similar. At the end, that’s what the industry is about; cumulative efforts, even among competitors; Nokia, Moto, Apple, Sony, Google…etc all contribute in their meaningful ways to revolutionize the industry, one upgrade at a time.

    • Fuck Apple With a Hot Poker

      Apple didn’t make pinch to zoom possible, nor did they invent it. The concept existed far earlier than that on devices like Microsoft’s surface. Apple just stuck it on a phone and duped the idiots at the USPTO into granting their patent on it.

      • RazBurn

        Yup, this is just another example of Jobs stealing an idea and marketing it as his own. I will never purchase an Apple device, ever.

    • anakin

      it’s been proven, time and time again, that Apple DID NOT invent the pinch-to-zoom. I can’t find the link right now but i remember watching an old video from the 90s where someone was demonstrating an old tablet (it may have been a pda) with pinch-to-zoom.

      • Steve

        True, but what point exactly are you trying to make with this? No one said Apple invented pinch to zoom. But they hold the patent, giving them legal rights to the technology.

  • Dacha LiceKnjiga

    hey, I’m with you. I think that only losers here are Apple consumers. Car industry would be very boring if they patented shape of the car and number off wheels, no one else would be able to have 4 wheels on their vehicles because Apple patented it. And they will try to patent everything, especially now after “winning”. Just because people are fine with small screen and slow internet speed, doesn’t mean that others are bad. We all know that, my galaxy s3 is smiling.

  • Robert Sydbrink

    This just screams corruption

  • Androidbuster

    I share your analysis, but I think in case of Samsung it was too much similarities with the iPhone especially iPhone 3GS. There is no doubt that the galaxy S was not inspired by the iPhone but copied.

    I remember when the galaxy S was unveiled, I say it like a copy of the iPhone, rounded corner, touchwiz etc. So the Korean company pay for not hearing Google advice that their product look too similar to Apple’s product.

    They were able to make product a little bit different, it’s what other manufacturer have done, so they are in peace now (eg: Sony ericsson – Sony-)

    • butnmshr

      Galaxy S phones look nothing like iPhones. Any iPhones. There aren’t any Androids that look like iPhones. I don’t get this. People always talk like their identical. The only similarities they share is a touch screen and a few buttons outside and its a communication device. If Samsung copied Apple, then Apple copied Star Trek.

      • Steve

        You know what that comment tells me? You are clueless about the case. Do you even know what trade dress is?

  • butnmshr

    All Google has to do is pull the Google apps from the iTunes app store. I remember reading a while ago that the most used app on iPhones is GMaps. Probably because its awesome. The same day that all of a sudden iPhones can’t access Maps will be a day with 20 million new Android activations. Its going downhill for Apple. They know it. Google knows it. It is inevitable that Apple will at some point in the rapidly approaching future occupy the insignificant part of the market that cares exclusively about the logo and metro design that it occupied through the nineties after IBM and Microsoft won the PC war. And Google is positioning itself appropriately. This will go down in history as barely a stumble for Samsung, Google, and the entire Android ecosystem as a whole.

    • belovedvegan

      and with windows 8phones on the horizon, things will get even more interesting. im a huge android fan and im excited to check the new windows 8 stuff out. so not only is it going to be harder for apple but android will have a little more competition now.

  • Daniel Dur

    Saying that Samsung copied Apple is just like saying that every band that uses a modern drum kit copies the band that first used a snare, or a kick drum, or whatever. Or like Benz would have patented the 4 wheel vehicle and then (after a few year) sued Ford for using that design.

    I’m absolutely sure that if Samsung wouldn’t have got this high, Apple wouldn’t have sued. Or would have sued any other OEM would have been in Samsung’s place. Why do you guys think this is happening 2 years after Galaxy S was launched? Because only after S3 was launched Samsung crossed the line and became a serious threat.

    And most probably Google would only step in when Android itself would be threatened, like when Oracle sued. Google might start a fight against the patent system itself, but not against other companies. I believe the only player here truly believing in innovation is Google. And if Apple would stick to their “principles” and be all about innovation and not money, would donate those 1 billion $ to some good cause, preferably split them among more causes.

    Nobody won today… we are all losers… I’m sorry that apple brought us here..

    Just my 2 cents here…

    • aeiouaeiou

      The problem isn’t that samsung “copied” apple, it’s they took inspiration from a design and didn’t check to see where the line was drawn as far as patent issues go.

      It’s not ridiculous to assume a major company who is using the essence of another company’s design would at least glance at their patents to see if the design was ok.

  • Chris Portle

    Establishing that a company cannot copy another company’s product near-verbatim will not damage customers’ buying prospects. If anything, this will encourage innovation instead of plagiarism.

    I’ve been confused and surprised at how many people are defending Samsung in this since the issue first arose last year. I honestly feel like a lot of you people are bandwagoning because it’s fun to employ righteous fury against the big bad guy. Think the issue through, though.

    • Wayne Margot

      Chris Portle you are right but you are not going to win this one, here.

      None of these people ever created an idea. If they did, they would support Apple. It hasn’t occurred to them that innovation is choked when the creator is not rewarded for his research and development cost, and then rewarded with profits to be able to keep creating.

      The legal system, as well as the patent system, do not know what these posters know…according to the defiance displayed here. I wonder how many of them know that the Founding Fathers felt it so necessary to protect ideas that patent protection is written into the US Constitution?

      This case was not necessary. Samsung could have paid royalties to Apple and still made a ton of money.

      (could those who use *WENT* when *GONE* is the correct term double check that for me please?)

      • ari_free

        A s-amoled+ screen is an innovation that requires great skill to implement. A Wacom digitizer built into a tablet with handwriting recognition is another big innovation . A glossy 2D icon or rounded rectangle is not a real innovation.

    • Daniel

      What did Samsung copy that was Apple’s? Rectangles? Apple didn’t invent rectangles. Round corners? Apple didn’t invent round corners. Pinch-to-zoom? Apple didn’t invent pinch-to-zoom. Icons? Apple didn’t invent icons. Multi-touch? Apple didn’t invent multi-touch. Double tap? Apple didn’t invent double tap. Bounce back lists? Apple didn’t invent bounce back lists. Do you need more?

  • Kyle Green

    Fuck iphones, thank god I jumped ship, tossed out my iPhone and walked into At&T and said ‘I’m changing to an HTC one X, the iphone has nothing innovative it’s a bland design, and I regret buying it’

    As I sit here with my grey HTC one X, I don’t regret paying full money for the HTC one X

  • Luke

    > You can’t blame them, but on the other hand, they did say this case was about values, not money. If they were concerned with values, they would have never used these ridiculous patents to destroy innovation.

    Of course it was all about the money, they said it was about values and not money so that they could get more money.

  • DarkRain

    Consumers as a whole should lobby and flood the US Patent Office with complains as to how and why they allow such generic design patents to be passed in the first place and demand an internal investigation! (much like how PETA does it.) This is a sad ruling not just for consumers but for democracy (losing the basic right to choose a phone of rectangle with rounded corners over another – it sounds funny because it is so basic it becomes ridiculous).



  • Daniel Bessel

    After I heard about this yesterday I just brought SG3 today, take that Apple.

  • Anthon Jackman

    You are so right. I completely agree.

  • nam

    I think Samsung and Google should go thermonuclear on Apple because if there was no inspiration for Apple, iPhone could probably be unexistant. So I definitely think it’s just for the iPhone 5

  • kdssf

    Why do you want Android to ‘always be the leader’? You sound like a sports fan… Why the loyalty into infinity?

  • Steve

    God, look at how many moronic fandroids in here! Samsung was unable to prove their case enough. Furthermore, their bitch of a lawyer approving the disclosure of information prohibited by Koh did not give them a good impression.

    Also, those who say the iPhone did not advance in any way are complete imbeciles. All companies have things they do their own way. Apple’s style is creating a single device that satisfies their target audience. In addition, they make major redesigns only every other year. This strategy both has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin with the advantages.

    As New technology is introduced, it’s bound to have some bugs here and there. Releasing an upgraded model, such as the 4S, allows Apple to focus on fixing the problems haunting the original model. It also gives them time to work on the next model. (I mean, it appears as though you have two different teams working on the next gen and s versions). Thirdly, releasing new models every other year is beneficial to the consumer because they are tied to a two year contract.

    The bad things about this strategy is that the iPhone is a little behind on things like 4G, NFC, Quad Core processors, etc. But is that really that important? I for one am quite happy with 3G, and I use my iPhone for heavy web browsing, word processing, sharing files, shooting
    Video and uploading them, etc. heck, I don’t even need 2gb ram. I’m quite satisfied with what my phone can do.

    Unlike Apple, Samsung’s approach is giving consumers a choice. They give you a variety of choices from phones to tablets. Not happy with the 8.9 tab? Get the 10.1 variant.

    Now let’s talk abut the advancements. Each company advances at the pace they desire. Samsung prefers to adopt quickly while Apple would rather take their time. Comparing the iPhone 4 to the 4S is not a good way to look at advancement in Apple products. Rather, comparing the 3G to the 4 is a good comparison. Why? Because 4 and 4S are of the same generation. That’s why the keep the 4 on the name.

    Samsung, in a way does the same. Look at the GS2 line. You have the GS 2, GS2 skyrocket, etc. one may have a minor improvement such as a better screen. But underneath that, it is still the same GS2.

    Lastly, I have yet to see anyone give a good argument. Every single comment here has fanboy written all over it. All you say is “Apple sucks”, “Apple does not innovate”, etc. furthermore all of you love bashing anything anyone has to say about Apple. Again, plain fanboyism.

    Yes yes yes, I know how you fandroids are:
    – Anything that anyone has to say about apple is a sign of fanboyism.
    – Apple keeps complaining about curved rectangles (clearly shows how little knoledge you have on patents and copyrights).
    – Apple hates and is trying to rid of all competition (they why are they only suing Samsung? Even google themselves saw the copying and warned Samsung).

    If you have a legitimate argument, please share it. I’ll be happy Have a mature and nonfanboy ish debate. But if you are just going To make accusatory statements with no support whatsoever, just STFU.