Customer Support now available for Rooted Devices at Sprint

The news we have today will definitely cause many to give a second thought to rooting their Sprint device. From the image above you’ll see that Sprint has a policy in place for handling rooted devices! We all know that the norm for carriers is to look down on you in shame if you root your Android device and not provide any support whatsoever. Many loyal Sprint customers, myself included, that love to tinker can take a collective sigh of relief, and no longer worry that you’ll be without support if you ever need to exchange that rooted device. They will take note that you’ve rooted your android device as it states, but they’ll do what they can to help and if a fix isn’t found, per standard procedure they will start the process of getting you an exchange.

Just note that although this policy is in place, it could be likely they won’t replace it if the problem was caused by rooting the device. So keep that in mind. I for one am glad to see this. I’ve been a customer of Sprint for a long while, and my complaints have been minimal. If you are a Sprint customer and have been on the fence about rooting your device, does this news give you that extra push to go ahead and do it? Let us know in the comments.

source: androdianrevolution 

About the Author: Adam Johnson

Adam was born and raised in Florida. Once a grown man traveled around the country working as a contract 3D mechanical designer. Finally settled in Gainesville, FL doing the same work in a permanent position for a global medical device company. His interest in mobile devices started with his Motorola Q9h which sported Windows Mobile 6.1. Unfortunately he was captured by the enemy and owned an iPhone3G for a short while, but that didn't last long through some dealings with the mobile carrier at the time. Finally he found a happy secure place among the Android community, starting with his HTC EVO 4G and hasn't looked back. All during his time with these various smartphones, he's dug deep into them, hacking away to get the best performance he could, all the while making his devices unique. As new Android devices are always on the horizon, he can't say what his next device will be, but he is Android for life, and his passion for all things Google will stand fast.

  • Gameboid

    I think this is completely fair. If my earpiece goes out or my speaker gets blown, I am glad to hear that they will still exchange or repair my rooted phone. Appreciate the support, Sprint!

  • Joshuajames25

    i dont know about this. just be weary id never tell sprint my epic touch 4g wS rooted. what so they can put me on a list of kniwn rooters to compile a data base….. forget that. word of advice to all u youngsters dont tell nobody crap about what u have always comes around and bites u from behind.

  • Dcollier42

    This is very good news!!  I am in the process of rooting my phone as we speak and I am having mucho problems.  Got it unlocked through bootloader however I can’t seem to get the past getting the recovery image on the computer and into the SD card file.

  • Clint Cochrane

    I just got off the phone with sprint, and they say that they do not support it one bit. They are worse than OEMs. 

    Let me tell you why I called in, and maybe someone can help me. I got a update from Moto that upped me for 2.3.4 to .5 and thus lost root access. So I attempted to root again, and the root did not take. So I thought I could just have a device that was unrooted until a new OCR came out. So Come to find out I am between not being rooted and being rooted (Play Movies will not let me “play movies” because I am rooted) but my root apps will not work because I am not rooted. 

    • Dave

      I have the exact same issue. They locked the boot loader with that update. I’d like to know if it can be rolled back.

  • Xw1324

    I completely understand if some dumb ass wrecks his shit tryna root. But if it’s not root related, I feel they should’ve never had a problem with it. If you have to exchange it, they’re obviously going to factory restore it anyways. Sprint is the best carrier now. Even though the connection may not be all great, we have unlimited data, 4g LTE, well at least in Indianapolis, and they repair rooted phones. I’m happy with that