No more teasers: T-Mobile releases ‘Alter Ego’ Commercial, No More Mr. Nice Girl for Carly [Video]

Earlier today we told you about T-Mobile’s “Alter Ego” campaign and showed you a quick teaser video. T-Mobile just released the full 60-second spot so you can see the full transformation of Carly from sweet and innocent to “No more Mr. Nice Girl” as she races her 1000 cc Ducati superbike through the city symbolizing T-Mobile’s 4G network. T-Mobile is hoping to “set the record straight.” Did they? Check it out below.


  • TrollFace

    ATT: We have the largest 4G network!

    T-Mobile: Nuh uh we do! And a gorgeous lady on a motorcycle!

    Verizon: More than 400 LTE markets by end of 2012. U mad posers?

  • raitchison

    LOL at the poster saying “Time to set the record straight” right above them talking about their “4G” network.

  • MJacobsen

    No. But she’s hot!