[Updated] Galaxy Nexus Owner Beats Windows Phone In Windows Phone Challenge – And Finally Gets a Prize


We all know Android devices are powerful, really powerful. However, Android owners will always encounter resistance and claims from competing platforms such as iOS or RIM to stake a claim of arguing its devices are more effective and powerful than their Android counterparts. Returning to the competition party is the Windows Phone platform. Although wildly unpopular and continuously dwarfed by its competition, the platform has its eyes on taking back the lost marketshare while giving Android specifically a run for its money. Microsoft created an interesting phone competition called the Windows Phone Challenge (also called Smoked By Windows Phone) which essentially tests to see if an Android or iPhone owner’s device is faster than Windows Phone-based devices. A casual challenger decided to go out and test the challenge for fun.

Sahas Katta who is a Galaxy Nexus owner, but admitted fan of Window Phone’s design went out to his local Microsoft Store and test the Windows Phone Challenge with some not so surprising results. When tasked to show weather for two different cities, the Galaxy Nexus beat the Windows Phone. In fact, the Microsoft Store assistant going against Katta had two weather tiles pinned to her start screen, yet Katta was clever enough to have his weather widgets pinned to his homescreen while disabling the lockscreen on his smartphone, enabling him to show his information within a moment of pressing his power button. The Microsoft Store employees who witnessed the competiton were perplexed and ultimately unwilling to identify Katta as a winner of the competiton, giving the excuse of Katta needing to show the weather for “two different cities in two different states” to qualify as a winner. In case you’re a non-believer— it’s possible to replicate Katta’s results too: remember Android has a native option to disable the lock screen and all you need to download is one extra third-party weather widget. Talk about being a party pooper.

All was not completely lost though. Ben Rudolph of Microsoft who was one of the key figures responsible for the Smoked By Windows phone competition took notice of the embarassing situation for Katta and offered his kind words of apology:

Naturally Katta had his own post:

“If anyone from Microsoft would like to have a rematch, I would be happy to smoke a Windows Phone with Android, again.”

Well said Katta. Well said.


Looks like they are going to make things right as Ben Rudolph sent the following tweet a little while ago

Hey @sahaskatta , @Microsoftstore & I want to make things right. So I’ve got a laptop & phone (& apology) for you. Email me!

and also followed up again with this tweet:

I stand behind #smokedbywindowsphone wins (and losses) 100%…even when I’m not the one doing the challenges. And always will!

source: The Verge


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  • Ashclepdia

    okay, so how do I disable the lockscreen natively on my x2? or did Motorola screw that up also?

  • http://twitter.com/gabanitin Nitin Gaba

    @27fdc6a0f185d5aa50a3f0da9ee3c052:disqus It’s an option only available for ICS from what I know. 

    • Ruud V10

      nope, u can do it on froyo and gingerbread. i never had lockscreen on my old vibrant

  • joshsmith

    Too bad he’s still a nerdvirgin