Orange UK Confirms Samsung Galaxy S II Will Get In April


Well we know that ICS for the UK versions of Samsung Galaxy S II devices are on the way, but aside from Three UK pushing the update out officially— we hadn’t heard too much detail from mobile carriers highlighting when owners of the device would get the update. Mobile carrier Orange UK has finally come out and confirmed the update will arrive on devices in April, though it stopped short of indicating when exactly it will arrive. That means owners of the smartphone won’t know if they’ll get new features such as Facial Unlock until next week at the earliest, though it could be as late as the end of next month.

It could be worse for you Orange UK subscribers— other carriers such as T-Mobile UK and Vodafone hasn’t even specified to its customers when the updates will arrive on their devices. Here’s hoping you all on Orange UK will get the update (much) sooner than later.

source: CNet Crave UK