BESTEK 3-outlet vertical cube power strip with USB-C review

BESTEK makes several different kinds of surge protectors and power strip accessories, which is great if you’re looking for something a little less traditional than can either fit somewhere strange, or just look cooler than a boring old plastic strip. This time we’re reviewing the vertical cubed power strip, which aims to be a compact device to hide away on a desk or table while still providing multiple outlets and charging ports.

So is it worth the price of admission? Let’s find out.

The design is really, really simple. It’s a plastic cube.

That simplicity is a big selling point for a device like this, however. Instead of something tall or long that eats up precious space, it’s a tiny little cube that measures about two and a half inches tall with three power outlets on its sides, plus another set of USB charging ports on the top and an LED-lit button for quickly turning everything off and on.

You’ll get three 2.4A USB ports and one 3A USB-C port. So, theoretically, you can get three standard devices plugged in here, plus up to four mobile devices. If you’re thinking about putting this on a desk, that covers you laptop charger, a monitor, and a couple USB slots for your phone, tablet, and portable battery, and it’ll still leave you with some ports left over.

Note that the device says all three regular USB ports output up to 2.4A, but the description online says it has two 2.4A ports and one 1.0A port. In my usage everything seemed to charge at 2.4A speeds which is more in line with what the cube itself lists.

It comes with a stand/cradle that can keep the block level and stable on your desk or wherever you decide to put it, but BESTEK also includes a set of adhesive and mounting screws in case you’d like to put it under a shelf or on the underside of your desk where you can’t see it. That’s a small thing, but if you’re picky about cable management this thing is a dream accessory.

In other reviews for some BESTEK power strips, I’ve noted that the gated design of the outlets can be more of a headache than a help as they make it very difficult to actually plug your stuff in when the strip is new. Fortunately those gates have been eased up a bit on this power cube, and I could easily get devices in and out of the ports without a struggle.

It does make sense here, too, as this is billed as something that could sit on your desk and have something removed more frequently than your standard power strip that hides behind an entertainment center for its entire life.

The 6-foot cable that runs from the device to the wall is, once again, incredibly sturdy and feels like it’ll be the absolute last part of this to wear out. It also comes with a small velcro strap to help you manage the length.


So should you pick this little gizmo up? At just over $20, it’s almost a must-have for any home office or bedside setup. It’s lacking on main AC ports so it’s not much use in an entertainment center or anywhere that demands tons and tons of gadgets and screens, but being able to charge up a couple bigger devices plus all of your mobile phones makes way more sense than buying another wall block for your phone.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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