Bestek LED Desk Lamp review: The desk upgrade you didn’t know you needed

If you’re a productivity-focused person, you’re probably well aware of how important good lighting is for your workflow. If you have a desk where you do most of your work, you could definitely just get a boring old desk lamp and set it up for some boring old lighting, but why not upgrade that part of your life like everything else?

That’s where BESTEK’s fancy LED desk lamp comes in. It’s not quite a “smart” gadget, but it’ll definitely fit in with your other high-tech devices.

First and foremost, BESTEK considers this something that will go in an office, not in a gaming rig. There’s nothing flashy, just a well-built, sleek desk lamp. It’s made of aluminum and feels solid, albeit a bit wobbly where the base turns into lamp.

The base is the bulkiest part of the lamp, but it houses all of the connectors and power ports for the device. The top has touch buttons for power, four lighting modes, and a timer, plus four buttons that adjust brightness levels. On the back is where you’ll plug the power cable in, and the side has two fast charging USB ports.

Yep, 2.4 amp USB ports. It’s crazy, but if you’re looking to add more charging outlets to your desk, you might just want to consider going with a desk lamp instead.

It would’ve been neat if the lamp was USB powered with data passthrough so you could run it off of a computer and turn this into a USB hub instead of just a power outlet, but maybe they’ll save that for the next revision.

The lamp’s arm rotates 35° left and right or 105° up and down, while the head rotates 90° left and right or 245° up and down, giving you a ton of flexibility with aiming the light. I kept it in a relatively standard desktop lamp position, but if you need to light up something at a strange angle, you can.

The lighting modes were exceptionally useful, too, especially if you like mood lighting. For most things you’ll probably want the study mode which offers a bright, white light. The other three modes (reading, relaxing, and sleep) take some of the blue light out of the color mix, with sleep being the least blue of the four. Like the night mode on your phones, this helps to reduce eye strain and can be great late at night.

There’s also a timer to have the light turn off automatically after one hour. If you decide to use it as a bedside lamp, that’s pretty nifty, but I didn’t use it often sitting on a desk in my living room.

As a utility, BESTEK has also built in a totally independent flashlight into this lamp. All you have to do is pop the head of the lamp out of the top and you’ve got a very bright torch with its own battery. It’s rated to last 90 minutes on a full charge, which should be plenty of time to navigate around if your power goes out. Plus, it’s also a really useful tool for when something falls under your desk.


Overall, the lamp is a really sleek package that fits into just about any kind of situation. Work desk, gaming setup, bedside lamp, living room lighting, whatever. It doesn’t call attention to itself with a minimal design, and the control over lighting modes makes it extremely versatile.

There are a few drawbacks to it, though. Nothing’s perfect.

The arm feels a little more wobbly than I’d like for a $40 lamp, and the material that everything is made out of attracts tons of fingerprints. That’s not good for a touch-activated lamp. It comes in two color choices and I reviewed the black, so if you’re worried about that, the silver option makes a little more sense.

And, at $40, it’s certainly on the higher end of desk lamps. If you can use all the extra functionality, like the USB charging ports, the removable flashlight, and the light timer, it’s well worth the money. It’s replaced three gadgets on my desk in a very small amount of space.

But if you don’t need all that stuff, it’s hard to justify the premium over simpler lamps, especially since the design isn’t particularly striking.

Also note that BESTEK is running a Halloween sale starting on the 30th of this month to help discount some of their products like this one.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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