RasBean Jelly ROM for the LG Nexus 4 Review: Simple, Clean, and Bug Free

Are you one of the few that were lucky enough to nab the elusive Nexus 4 by Google? If you do possess Android’s hard to attain device and are into modding/rooting, then finding the perfect ROM can be hard, and maybe even overwhelming at times. RasBean Jelly is a custom AOSP ROM made by the developer Rascarlo and has been around since the Galaxy Nexus days when it was called Rascream (back when Ice Cream Sandwich was the latest ROM). If you’re an avid ROM flasher, then you’re well aware that a handful of the ones you flash tend to have bugs and other problems that you’ll frequently encounter. While that’s expected, that’s one thing that I don’t particularly enjoy about flashing custom ROM’s.

With RasBean, I have never encountered a bug or any problems in any build that I’ve tried, even in my ICS Galaxy Nexus days. RasBean is an AOSP based ROM that’s dedicated to speed and overall stability. While Rascarlo does include several additional features to the ROM, he makes sure to clean the ROM of necessary codes and “bloat.” Thus, if you’re a huge CM or AOKP fan, then this ROM may not be for you as it doesn’t have the dozens upon dozens of added features that those two ROM’s tend to have. But if you’re looking for a super fast ROM with no bugs, then RBJ just might be for you! Hit the break to find out more.


Let’s start off with the theme: While RBJ is mostly a “stock” 4.2 Jelly Bean theme, Rascarlo has implemented his own slight modifications in the way certain things look. As you can see from the image above and on the header, he has “blackened” most of what used to be a gradient gray throughout the ROM including the settings menu and other portions of the ROM. In my opinion it makes the ROM look cleaner and fits the overall Jelly Bean theme. As you can see by the above screenshot, he also changed the color of the Navigation Bar to match the same blue that’s throughout the ROM. As for apps he’s also blacked out the MMS apk (SMS app) and the People’s app (shown below). Because this is an AOSP ROM and Rascarlo likes to keep his ROM clean and free of “bloat,” CyanogenMod’s much popular, and loved, Theme Chooser feature is NOT included. There are a couple of themes that you can flash over that several devs have made for this ROM if you prefer a different theme than the one provided.


Feature wise, if you’re looking for a ROM that offers dozens and dozens of features similar to AOKP or CM 10.1 then this ROM may not be for you. Like I said before, the goal for this project by Rascarlo is to keep the ROM as bloat free as possible and staying true to AOSP’s code and not “messing” with it or adding too much to it. Thankfully, he did add a couple of features that helps make the ROM better without losing speed or stability. While it’s not much, the ROM does offer some battery image changes, a DPI change for your navigation bar, button customization’s within your lock-screen, and LED Customization.

 As you can see with the image above, he added a couple useful tiles as well as “torch” when you scroll to the bottom.

Final Thoughts: 

RasBean Jelly is available on 4 devices (Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 10) in the links at the bottom. I didn’t include battery life and performance (benchmarks) because results of those always fluctuates depending on the user and device. Personally, battery life has been great for me and always lasts throughout the day with my Nexus 4. Bottom line: RBJ is fast, stable, provides adequate features and a great tweaked Jelly Bean look.

As for the kernel, RBJ comes with stock but if you prefer a great custom kernel to pair this with, I would highly suggest Morfic’s Trinity Kernel that can be found here. As always, your device needs to be rooted and bootloader unlocked in order to flash this. If you’re coming from another ROM, a full wipe is needed. The ROM also doesn’t come with your standard Google apps, thus you’ll have to flash that right after the ROM.

If you’ve tried RBJ before, about to try it, or already on the ROM, leave some feedback in the comments section and let me know your experience!

RasBean Jelly [Download]
Rasbean Jelly [Nexus 4 XDA]

You can also follow Rascarlo on Twitter!

  • By far my favourite ROM and the community on the RasBeanJelly and Trinity Threads are the most refreshing to be a part of. Thoroughly enjoy the entire experience. Thanks.

  • love2text

    I am flashing it as I type. Thanks for the suggestion