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Listen up college students, and business men an women. How many of you have tried the countless calendar/task apps available on the Market? How many of you have been less than pleased with some or all of them? If any of you answered yes, then I may just have the right app for you. Pocket Informant is by far the best calender/task app I have found. Continue on past the break for the rest of my review and some screenshots.

As you can see from the screenshots above that is my own personal schedule for last semester and next semesters classes. I actually do use this app and am not BS-ing you just to buy an $8 app ($7.99 actually), unless I really believed it was worth it and I was willing to do the same.

It syncs with your Google account as well as Toodledo. It has all the features you could, and do, ask for. I am able to put something into my Google calender, and the next time I open Pocket Informant it is right there synced and ready for me. It offers four different views, day, week, month, and even agenda. The best part is it’s incorporation of tasks, and how they are managed. As a student, I hate having to make a task that I need done an event in my Google calendar. With Pocket Informant, tasks have there own tab, and are then displayed on the calender as tasks not events. This makes it easier to handle homework and projects as I go through the semester.

It is a one touch access for all features within Pocket Informant. You can color code appointments and tasks. As well as track the progress of a task with a completion bar that you set as you complete the task. Within the settings option you have a vast list of options to chose and play with to best suit your needs.

I am always looking for a better calender app that fits my needs for school. The Google calender is fine in a pinch, but I need more from it. Pocket Informant delivers what I need and then some. Click on the link below and decide if Pocket Informant is the right fit for you.

Do you think Pocket Informant is what you’ve been looking for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Android Market Pocket Informant

About the Author: Spencer McClendon

Spencer McClendon is a Criminal Justice student attending Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado. He hopes to transfer to Colorado State University after he achieves his Associates Degree, and ultimately wishes to be his own boss in the security sector. He is a long time native of Colorado and enjoys the great outdoors of Colorado. He spends his free time long-boarding and hiking.

  • Iaramuitataidiul

    Yep, it’s a great app.
    But I cannot sync it with google calendar. In accounts & sync my account is syncing only gmail and picassa. :))) And I don’t even use picassa.
    What should I do so I can sync with google calendar?

    • Spencer McClendon

      Really? Mine syncs automatically with my Google calendar, and I don’t have the option for Picassa. What is your firmware?

  • Sir Gwauyne of Brittany

    i have it and it doesn’t sync with Google.  What’s he talking about, the iPhone version which does sync with Google?