Featured Android Game Review: Threedot – Catch, Tilt, and Break [Arcade & Action]

If you’re looking for a new arcade style game, I have got a good one for you. It’s called Threedot: Catch, Tilt, Break and it’s set in the world of microscopic organisms. This is the first game created by Yurii Osadchyi and I think he has a bright future because this one is a blast. Yurii created three modes of play and each one adds it’s own element of fun.

The object of all three modes is to keep Threedot alive and to kill off as many enemies as you can. There are no level ups or any of that crazy nonsense, just pure old school arcade action. You control Threedot by tilting your phone or tablet in the direction you want to move him.

In Classic Mode you can’t touch any of the enemies unless you infect them with floating bubbles. You do that by touching the floating colored bubbles, which causes them to burst. You will want to do this when enemies are near. If the bursts touch any enemies, it will affect them in a certain manner and you can kill them by simply touching them. It starts out slow, but as things pick up, the enemies continue to multiply. If you’re not efficient at utilizing the bubbles at the right time, there will be way too many organisms flying around and you will have a hard time moving around safely. If you touch any enemies before infecting them you will die, but you have three lives to play with. You will also unlock different colored bubbles as you progress through the game. Each bubble affects enemies differently. Yellow ones are toxic and will slow them down, Blue ones will freeze them, Red ones will make the enemies your friends and will hunt other enemies for you, and Green will destroy all enemies on the screen.

Next up is Crazy Shake Mode. In this mode you will again want to avoid all enemies, and only Green bubbles will be available. This means that anytime you touch a green bubble, it will destroy all the enemies on the screen. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the enemies multiply way faster than Classic Mode so you need to find the bubbles as fast as you can.

Last but not least is the Zen Mode. In this mode things are opposite in that you can kill all enemies by simply touching them (you don’t need to infect them), but there’s a time limit. You are given 60 seconds to start, but you gain an additional 30 seconds for each purple bubble you touch. You can also destroy all enemies by touching green bubbles (only after you have unlocked it from Classic mode). In this mode, the bubbles don’t stay on the screen long so you have to move quickly to get to them.

As you can see each mode offers a completely different challenge, and surprisingly I like all three modes very much. Threedot has some really nice neon graphics and particle effects, and I found it to be very smooth with no stuttering of any kind. If you like to share your scores and see how well you stack up, you can do that via Scoreloop.

You will find both Free and paid versions of the game. The Free version only has the Classic mode with a scoring limit of 5,000 points. You won’t find any unlockable weapons and it isn’t supported by Scoreloop. The paid version adds in the Crazy Shake Mode and Zen Mode as well as unlockable weapons and Scoreloop. It only costs 99-cents. The free version will certainly give you a good feel of how the game is, but I skipped that and went right to the paid version. Check out my hands on video below and hit one of the download links to get started. If you like arcade style games, you will definitely like Threedot, so check it out and let me know what you think.


  • Scoreloop integration
  • Non-scoreloop local leaderboard
  • Unlockable weapons
  • Nice neon graphics
  • Nice particle effects
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Three game modes



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