Featured Android Game Review: Blood Runner [Arcade & Action]


If you’re looking for a new tunnel racing game, you might want to check out Blood Runner. There are plenty of these types of game available in the Play Store, but FlatCoder has created something unique. In this game you play a miniaturized criminal agent, but you won’t be racing in an apocalyptic or futuristic city. No, that’s for amateurs. In Blood Runner, you will be racing in the human body. Yup, you read that right. You will be racing inside the veins of the body, which means you will need to avoid obstacles like blood cells.

It’s your job to control the target host and your only link to the outside world is Clive from “the agency.” He will tell you what you need to do at each level such as plant a micro cam in the Cornea while the host is in REM sleep or drop an audio relay in the inner ear. There are 12 levels in all that will take you to just about every vein in the body, inside a cell nucleus, around the heart, the inner ear, the lungs, and so much more. You will have to avoid obstacles, but you will also be racing against time. Thankfully you will find some power ups that can give you more time or improve your health. You will also have a freeze weapon that you can use sparingly.

Controlling your ship can be done with an on-screen touchpad or by tilting the device. I found the controls to be good when moving horizontally, but found it very difficult when moving vertically. It just takes a little getting used to. You will also find buttons for acceleration, your freeze weapon, and to change from cockpit or first person view. You can also reset the tilt if you’re using the accelerometer option. As I mentioned, you’re running against time, but you also need to watch your health. Too much damage and you’re done. Your destination could be anywhere so you will need to rely on your compass to help you decide what direction to go in. An arrow above you tells you in which direction the destination is and you will find a distance indicator at the bottom of the display.

Bloodrunner is pretty challenging and at times confusing, but it’s very addicting. The only real gripe I have is that you can’t replay the levels you previously conquered, and if the game closes, it starts back at level one again. The full game costs $1.52, but you can grab the Free version that is limited to the first four levels. Check out my hands video below as well as the trailer, and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


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