App Review: LauncherPro

We’ve talked a lot about LauncherPro, which even received an update today, but never really featured it in the spotlight.  LauncherPro, as the name suggests, is a custom launcher that can be installed on your Android device to take the place of your built-in launcher.  Whether you run the stock Android interface, TouchWiz, SenseUI, or any other interface, LauncherPro could offer you the option to customize the way your phone looks and runs.  Available in both a free and paid version, ultimately it gives you control over your own interface, from customizing the look and number of homescreens to application dock behavior.

The most immediately noticeable thing about LauncherPro is that it’s…well, it’s fast. Especially after today’s update — now it’s really fast. My Epic, with its built-in TouchWiz, is a snappy phone. But instantly upon installing LauncherPro, the speed increase is impressive. Even on older, slower phones, LauncherPro makes the interface feel as snappy as any phone on the market. And with the newest update, you have several choices between transitions between homescreens, which is a very nice touch.

Left: TouchWiz UI; Right, LauncherPro UI

Beyond speed, LauncherPro brings one very impressive feature to your Android device: Customizability. Not only does this launcher allow you to choose how many homescreens you have, it gives you 100% control over the application dock — the quick-launch bar at the bottom of the screen. Which, I should mention, you get three sets of icons that you can scroll between. You can even set up a custom action for when you swipe up on the icon vs. simply tapping it. In addition to the homescreen customization, you can choose several options for the application drawer. You can enable a “3D” mode which makes it look as though icons are being rotated around a cube, as well as choose the number of columns to be displayed in both portrait and landscape modes.

If you are willing to pony up the $2.99 for the paid version — which, personally, I have found to be well worth it — you get the option of adding in some specialized widgets. There are about a dozen widgets specifically designed for the LauncherPro interface, from Facebook to calendar to the “People” speed-dial widget pictured below. It’s nice that LauncherPro has its own widgets, since you’ll lose any widgets that might have been built into your phone’s tailored UI. The options offered you are plentiful, though, and you should be able to make up for anything you’re losing from TouchWiz or SenseUI.

So what’s the bottom line? It’s free, try it. Even if you think you’re happy with the launcher interface built into your phone, it doesn’t cost anything to try out the lite version, and if you like it overall and want the extra features the paid version allows, the developer certainly deserves your $3. Let us know in the comments what you like and don’t.

  • Justin jones

    By far my favorite launcher app, been using the Plus version for well over six months now and can’t think of a single complaint.

  • Lokhor

    I’ve been using launcher pro for a while now I love the scrolling widgets. So glad I paid for it.

  • andy p

    Thanks for showcasing this app. It really is great . I have had it for periods of time on my last 3 phones. Had the paid version as soon as it came out. It is very good and customizable. You can choose the number of app icons per home screen, well to an extent. You can also make widgets smaller which is fabulous.

    Personally I am sticking with sense 2.0 on my desire HD. But I am sure at some stage I will experiment with with launcher pro plus again .
    If I wasn’t using an HTC phone then choosing this app as home screen replacement is a no brainer

  • Melissa Terry

    I love this app and I couldn’t be happier with it!

  • Melissa Terry

    I love this app and I couldn’t be happier with it!

  • Melissa Terry

    I love this app and I couldn’t be happier with it!

  • Cedric

    How much did they pay you guys for this commercial? Launcher Pro is way slower than the VillainRom for example, so I won’t even consider switching to it. And 3 bucks for some widget doesn’t seem like much, but it all adds up after a while.

  • cristid

    I dont think they got paid for this. This is just a review for a good product wich i use right now. I can say it is fast compared to the stock Touchwiz interface in my Galaxy S.

  • Sam

    Luv it on my LG Optimus T. My only paid app!!!!!

  • Masai

    Launcher pro is indeed fast. Regardless of what rom I have flashed I use launcher pro. And the latest update solidifies it’s superiority to adwex.

  • Cedric

    Okay, I want to come back from my previous comment. I made a mistake by saying that Gingervillain is faster, because this launcher is friggin lightspeed fast! I tweeked the options a bit so everything from scrolling to opening the app drawer superfast and it’s really enjoyable!

  • Tony Renier

    I have a Samsung Moment (actually my second,under warranty).

    I have the paid version of Launcher Pro and would like to thank Mr. Carnales for giving me a faster, more capable phone than Sprint and Samsung did. At 61 years old I’ll freely confess to being a Geek. This is probably the best addition possible for my phone.
    I’m really looking forward to the complete re-write.
    Tony Renier, Green Bay, WI, USA

  • I am still testing it out. Its been the best in comparison on my Optimus to others that turned out very sluggish(possibly due to the phones 600 Mhz processor). Havent had the need to buy it yet. The free version in itself is amazing!

  • Ray of Perth

    Have tried Launcher Pro on my Galaxy S in place of TouchWiz, but dont see any advantage to installing it. Only confuses the issue of getting used to a new phone. Wouldn’t consider paying for it and dont really see any use for it, or am I missing some big secret?