3D Stunt Marbles Review [Hands On Video]

The other day I stumbled upon 3D Stunt Marbles by DMW Media and I immediately downloaded it. At first I didn’t think much of it, but quickly I was impressed. 3D Stunt Marbles is a physics game, but quite simple. You need to negotiate your marble by tilting your tablet or phone around obstacles, ledges, tunnels, half-pipes, and more. You have to collect all the gems to complete each level.

This is a pre-release version so unfortunately there are only 7 levels, but DMW Media gives us a good taste of what’s coming. The developer is targeting early 2012 for a full release which will bring 20 new levels along with plans to add newer levels every couple of weeks. Why not give it a try, it’s free in the Android Market.

Android Market Link

  • Anonymous

    Just finished it and it’s pretty good! The only problems I have is sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s on a lower level and what’s just a small platform (like the last level). Also the ball doesn’t really change size when falling so it’s hard to judge depth. Looking forward to slightly better physics and much better graphics in the full version!