Tronsmart AirAmp Wireless Power Bank review

One of the great things about having a phone that can recharge wirelessly is the ability to plonk the phone down on the wireless charger stand and let it do its job without having to mess around inserting a power cable. But what about when you are outside the home, and your phone needs topping up? While most power banks require you to carry a power cable with you, Tronsmart’s WP02 AirAmp Hybrid Wireless Power Bank does precisely what its name suggests; it lets you charge your phone wirelessly. And it is a most wondrous thing to behold, especially when, if like me, you always forget to pack a charging cable.

Aesthetically, the AirAmp Power Bank is made of a black ‘flame-plating’ material that Tronsmart says will withstand scratches and fingerprint smudges while maintaining grip. In my experience, I found the grip to be excellent; the casing feels a little like a silicon case in that you can hold the AirAmp tightly without it digging into your hands or becoming slippery as some competitors do. With dimensions of 156 x 76 x 16mm, the AirAmp is rectangular shaped with plenty of flat real estate on which to rest your phone to charge wirelessly, safe in the knowledge that the phone will stay where you put it (with the exception of the Xperia XZ2). At 260 grams, it isn’t as heavy as some 10,000mAh power banks out there either.

Before we talk about functionality, let’s run through the specifications of the AirAmp Power Bank that boasts a handy 10,000mAh capacity, Qi certification, two USB Type-A ports, a single USB Type-C port, and of course the wireless charging coil that sits on the top of the device along with four LED lights. On the side is a power button that serves to switch on the wireless charging function as well as illuminate the 4 LED’s to show how much charge is remaining.

You can attach a charging cable to the AirAmp to charge your phone or tablet as you would on any other power bank, with up to 15W output or input via the USB Type-C port. The AirAmp can wirelessly charge compatible phones such as the Galaxy S9, LG G7 ThinQ, and the iPhone 8 Plus at 5W.

Something to remember when using the wireless charging function is that it isn’t as quick or efficient as charging via a cable. As an example, while the AirAmp has enough juice to charge the Galaxy S8+ twice by ordinary means, with wireless charging, this would drop to around one and half times. Another drawback is that using the wireless charging function means that you aren’t able to play games and charge at the same time.

I’ve made the greatest use of the AirAmp while away from home. Whether it’s sitting on the train or at a desk, being able to rest the phone on the AirAmp to charge without digging around for the power cable I almost certainly forgot at home is a relief. Charging the phone wirelessly while it’s used as a hotspot for the laptop is my typical scenario for the AirAmp, which admittedly won’t be the same for everyone. Something I did miss was PD charging, which sadly isn’t present on the AirAmp.

The AirAmp Power Bank comes with a neat little carry case and a short USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable that you can use to charge the device.

If you are in the market for a new power bank, and you have a phone that can charge wirelessly, and you truly hate carrying a power cable around with you, then the Tronsmart AirAmp Wireless Power Bank is a great gadget to have in your bag that won’t break the bank. Able to act as a regular power bank as well as wirelessly charging your handset, it’s one of those things that you won’t know you need until you have it. The Tronsmart AirAmp Wireless Power Bank sells for $24.99.

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