Nexus 10 Book Cover Review


The Nexus 10 Book Cover went on sale just a few short days ago and the moment that it did, my bank account was $30 lighter. It shipped Friday and I spammed the refresh button on the UPS tracking site constantly. Anyway, it got here yesterday afternoon and like a kid on Christmas I ripped open the package and squealed a scream of glee. So here it is: a review of the Nexus 10 Book Cover.

The package that greeted me was pretty nonchalant much like other Nexus products. Mind you, when I say nonchalant I mean not a lot of fluff with the product itself doing all the talking. You can order the cover in either Scarlet or Black. I opted for black. I debated Scarlet but I felt that the black would be more sleek and stylish. Like other Samsung cases it comes with a felt backing that blankets the screen and feels pretty solid.


The cover snaps onto the removable back plate and comes over the front like you would expect. The nicest thing about the cover is that it has smart cover capabilities. Basically, flip open the case and the screen turns on. Unlike other smart cases that I’ve used on other tablets this one doesn’t bypass the lock screen and I still have to unlock the tablet myself. On the plus side, it’s one less button I have to fumble over.


The book cover works as you would expect. It protects the screen and looks good. However the biggest feature I would like to write about is the added little details that Google and Samsung packed into the cover. Besides the felt back that protects the screen, they added a notch into the design that allows for the use of the back camera.


Seriously I can’t express how awesome it is. It has been my biggest pet peeve in every other Book Cover style case out there. It covered up the damn camera! Not only is that inconvenient, but it detracts from being useful. Google and Samsung must have figured that out because it’s no longer an issue. Not that taking photos with your tablet is a something you’re going to do, but it’s nice to know that your prized Nexus can be protected while still having the ability to take photos quickly.


To conclude, the Nexus 10 Book Cover works as expected. It protects the screen and looks cool. The smart case feature adds some convenience. The kicker is again, in the details, and the notch that was added for the camera is a godsend.  The case is well worth the $35.98 ($29.99 cost + $5.99 shipping), and if you own a Nexus 10 and are in need of some screen protection, then I would hands down recommend this cover. Hit the source links below to get the Book Cover in either Black or Scarlet.

Google Play: Scarlet -|- Dark Grey

About the Author: Jack Holt

Jack is a tech enthusiast who is surviving small-town Wyoming. He's a newspaper editor by trade and a blogger for fun. His phone of choice is the Galaxy Note 4 and when he's not tinkering on that, he can be found researching new tech and wondering if his wallet can sustain a new tech purchase. When he's not in front of a computer, he's out in the mountains with his dog exploring the wilderness.

  • luke

    but with this cover the tablet will be as slim as “naked” while any other cover that cover the back side will make it bulkier

  • makapav

    To the author: So this case has no negatives? Or were you sucking on Google’s dick so hard that you were too cock-blocked to see any – cause every other review site for this cover has been talking about its poor quality for the price. Try to suck a little further up the shaft next time.

    • Thanks for the tip and your expertise on the subject matter while graphic will go along way. The review is based on perspective and written as such. But I will take your know how on the, again, graphic content you wrote about going forward. Good looking out.

  • Jamie Francis

    I never take photos with my tablet (just like everyone else) so I have to say how amazing the case is as I can do so with the cover on. Not that I will. Ever. But so pleased I could.

    • This is a big plus for me. There have been times that I want to play with the camera regardless of being on the tablet or on the phone and the book cover just got in the way.

  • True there are other cases with more utility but this is perfect for me as Luke states. Basically naked but protects the the tablet.

  • I prefer my cover which was cheaper and also has the “wake” feature and camera usability. Got it off amazon when I bought the N10. Sure its a tiny bit thicker, but makapav probably likes it that way.