iFrogz Cocoon earbud charging case review

Carrying around headphones can be a pain, especially if you aren’t using totally wireless earbuds that come with a case. Zagg thought this was a problem worth addressing, so they crafted the Cocoon headphone charging case under the iFrogz brand to make it just a bit easier to keep up with your headphones throughout the day.

It’s easy to just toss your headphones in a small pouch and call it a day, but Zagg went a little bit further with the Cocoon. At its most basic, yes, it’s just a plastic case to keep your headphones in, but Zagg includes some extra pockets and room to store other things, too, and most importantly it can actually charge your headphones in the meantime.

Worth the investment? Let’s find out.

The cocoon looks pretty basic and almost like a small cup. It has a soft rubber finish on the top and bottom with a fabric finish along the sides.

At the front you’ll notice there’s no physical clasp, but instead a rubber latch that keeps the lid closed. At first, I honestly thought it was cheap feeling and wasn’t a great decision, but after actually using it for a couple days and opening and closing it repeatedly, I think it was a much smarter choice just so there’s no piece of plastic that can break off after a few months. It stays taut, too, so no worries about losing your headphones by accident.

The bottom of the Cocoon is where you’ll find the power button to actually get your headphones charging, and there’s a really cool LED light to show off the remaining battery. The charging port sits on the back.

Opening up the Cocoon you’ll see a large opening to hold a pair of headphones with the USB port at the bottom of the cup, while the lid has a red mesh pocket to hold anything else you might want to toss in. It’s made for headphones, but it’s pretty easy to toss a small amount of money or your house keys in here for safekeeping.

The Cocoon holds a 580mAh battery for recharging your headphones, which doesn’t sound like much until you remember that headphones also have pretty tiny batteries, unlike the smartphone in your pocket. It’s easy to get multiple full recharges out of the Cocoon unless you managed to find some incredibly bulky headphones that may not fit in the case, anyway.

That brings up one of the problems with the Cocoon case and directly contradicts its “universal” goal. If you have smaller earbuds, you’re in good shape, but if you’re rocking some of the headphones that can comfortably sit on your neck, there’s absolutely no way to fit them in the Cocoon and you’d be better off just hanging on to a small portable battery to recharge.

With that being said, those usually aren’t the kind of headphones that you’re worried about storing, since you can keep them on your neck. Usually, anyway.

Zagg only wants $29 for the case, which I think is pretty fair for what it does. Whether or not you’d actually use it much probably depends on the kind of headphones you carry and whether or not you’re already bringing along other gadgets. Having a dedicated portable charger for your headphones is cool, but that’s pretty much all it can do; a 580mAh battery isn’t going to do anything for your smartphone. And for how big the Cocoon feels, you almost wish it could double as a portable charger for some other stuff in your pockets.

But if you absolutely do want a case for your headphones and aren’t worried about needing the charge for anything else, this thing’s actually pretty cool and unique. Zagg gets points for originality, if nothing else.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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