How to setup and use the Galaxy S 5 fingerprint scanner to make Paypal payments


Samsung’s fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S 5 can secure your phone, but it can also be quite handy for making payments via Paypal. Instead of entering a password or PIN to login in to Paypal or make a payment, now you can just swipe your finger.

Since this is a special partnership between Samsung and Paypal, you will need to download the Paypal app from Samsung Apps since it is the only version that includes code for Samsung’s fingerprint scanner. So far, Verizon’s GS5 is the only one we know of that doesn’t include Samsung Apps, so you will need to download and install it as a third party APK before you can proceed.

Assuming you are ready to go, follow my instructions in the video below and you will be setup in no time. Don’t worry if you already have the PayPal app installed from the Google Play Store., the setup process will install the Samsung Apps version over it.  Video after the break.

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About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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