Samsung Galaxy 4 camera overview and how to use the Dual Camera function


The Samsung Galaxy S 4 added a slew of new features and a lot of them involve the camera. The camera software has a new look and a new navigating wheel to select one of the many camera modes. One of the coolest new features is the Dual Camera function, which lets you utilize both the front and back lens at the same time for both photos and videos. So if you’re taking a picture of your family, you can be included in the image as well. You can size the image from the front lens as well as move it around. You can even select from a number of themes such as a postage stamp or a heart. We put together a hands on tutorial showing you the new camera interface as well as how to use the Dual Camera function. Just hit the break to check it out and click here for our complete list Galaxy S 4 guides.


  • Tim O’Brien


    Any idea how to remove the dual photo after you have shot the picture? I was shooting a bunch of photos and I don’t want my picture over the subject. I didn’t realize what I did and I don’t want to reshoot the pictures.

  • craczone

    Cannot see dual camera icon in camera app, any idea?

  • Tim O’Brien

    The dual camera icon is up in the top left corner when you turn on the camera. It’s the middle of the three. The icon looks like the front of a camera with the back of a camera right behind it.

  • Chris Anastasi

    is there a way to get the dual camera stamp off the picture and video?. i didnt relize it was on while i was filming it.