Hidden features of the Galaxy S 4 that every owner needs to know


So you own a shiny Galaxy S 4, but where do you start? There are so many features on this phone that I’m shocked it can’t make me a cup of coffee. There are a lot of obvious stuff, but TouchWiz has a lot of hidden features that you might not know about. Here are 10 hidden features that every Galaxy S 4 owner should know compliments of Samsung Tomorrow. You can also check out all our Galaxy S 4 guides here.

1) Fast access to Quick Settings –  Just swipe two fingers down.


2) Add your WatchOn remote control to your notification panel – Just open the WatchOn app, tap the menu key, and hit settings. Scroll down  to the Notifications Section and check “Show remote control on notification panel” You can even tap “Auto display remote control on lock screen” to On if you would like your remote to show up on your lock screen.


3) Move the keyboard when you are multitasking  – When you have two apps open at the same time, you might feel the need to move the keyboard. All you need to do is long press the setting icon on the QWERTY keyboard (to the left of the space bar) and select the pop-up keyboard icon (the one with a “+” in it). You can now move the keyboard by tapping and holding the tab at the top of the keyboard. To revert back, just follow the steps again, but tap the keyboard icon. Note: You don’t have to be in multitasking to use this feature.


4) Blocking Mode for blocking calls and/or other notifications – Just tap the menu key from your homescreen, then settings, then go to the My Device tab. Select “Blocking Mode” You can toggle it on or off and you can select what types of things you want blocked. You can even set the timeframe so you don’t have to worry about toggling it back to off. The best part of Blocking Mode is that you can allow incoming calls from those people that you cannot miss no matter what. Just tap Allowed contacts and add them. So even if Blocking Mode is turned on, their calls will still come through.


5) WiFi timer – This will allow you to set a starting and ending time of your WiFi usage. Just tap the menu button from the homescreen, then settings, and go to the Connections tab. Tap on WiFi, then tap on the Menu key again, and tap Advanced Settings. Tap on WiFi Timer and you can schedule the times.


6) Adapt Sound  – will adapt to the difference in hearing abilities between your right and left ear. Just tap the menu button from your home screen, then settings, and go to the My Device tab. Tap on Sound then Adapt Sound. Select Start and you will go through a hearing test. After completing the test, your Galaxy S 4 will not be calibrated.


7) Optimize in call sound clarity – There is an audio equalizer setting for incoming and outgoing calls while you are in a call. You can select Soft or Clear. You will also find Extra Volume and Noise Reduction buttons. You can also apply these to all calls by going to the Call settings. Tap the Menu button from your home screen, tap settings, and go to the My Device tab. Tap on Call to open the settings. You can tap on Personalize Call Sound and select either Adapt Sound, Soft Sound, Clear Sound, or Off. You can check Noise Reduction if you wish and you can increase the ringtone volume when your phone is in your pocket.


8) Pinch-to-zoom while watching YouTube videos – While watching a YouTube video, if you need a closer look, just pinch-to-zoom. You can even adjust the brightness by using the up-and-down scroll bar on the left hand side of the screen. Want to adjust the volume? No problem, use the scroll bar on the right hand side.


9) Access the camera from the lock screen – You can never open the camera application fast enough. Tap the Menu button from your homescreen, tap settings, then go to the My Device tab. Tap on Lock Screen, then Lock Screen Widgets. Just select Camera and you’re all set. You can now swipe left on your lock screen to start the camera application. Note: This function isn’t allowed if you have chosen a secure lock screen such as a pattern or PIN.


10) Change the lock screen message  – You can not only change the lock screen message, but you can also change the font and color. If you are using a secure lock screen such as a pattern or PIN, tap on the Menu button from your homescreen, tap Settings, then go to the My Device Tab. Tap on Lock Screen, then Lock Screen Widgets. Now select Edit Personal Information. If you don’t have a secure lock screen, you can hold the lock screen message line and drag it down from the lock screen. You will then be able to change the info.


For more information, please visit Samsung Tomorrow


About the Author: Robert Nazarian

Robert lives in upstate New York where he was born and raised. Technology was always his passion. His first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Color that used a cassette tape to save programs, and his first laptop was a Toshiba T1200FB that sported a CGA greyscale screen and two 720kb floppy drives (no hardrive). From the early 90’s through late 2011, he only owned Motorola phones starting with the MircroTAC all the way through to the Droid X. He broke that streak when he bought the Galaxy Nexus. Now he's sporting a Galaxy Note 4, and absolutely loves it. He has a wonderful wife and a 6 year old son. In his free time he enjoys sports, movies, TV, working out, and trying to keep up with the rapid fast world of technology.

  • paxmos

    If only a phone this caliber would come in a 4 – 4.2 screen package!!!!…

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      My question is why ? Lol

      • paxmos

        Did you just read this?…Why ask why?

  • zeum

    good tips, only oneI didn’t know was for double pulling notification bar

  • Tyler Balanowski

    “After the hearing test it won’t be calibrated”?

  • Maegan Babcock

    With the camera, it’s much easier to just have a shortcut on your main lock screen. Then you just swipe up on the icon instead of having to swipe over to get to your camera.

  • Cro0707

    Tip 8 doesn’t work in YouTube, only in stock player.
    Pinch-to-zoom while watching YouTube videos

  • Nanna to 14

    Hi not sure if you can help I have the galaxy S4 and would like to know how to enter my phone number so it shows up under Settings – Status it use to be there but after and update it disappeared :( and I would use to refer to it if I forgot my mobile number which now I can’t please help if possible
    Thanking you

  • Karl Harris

    Can I remotely access a home security camera with the S4, if so which security camera is best for this?

  • Monica

    Just bought a S4 – #5 & #9 do not work on my phone. There is no wifi timer when I get to that point, and # 9 – when I choose Lock Screen, the next screen does not show “Lock Screen Widget” as indicated above. Did this change? Are these no longer available?

  • dip

    How to unlock screen if i forgot my pin number?

    • Harsimran Singh

      just go to recovery and then wipe everything off… Simple

  • khan

    These were hidden features man?

  • aning bali

    I always foun ‘font not available’ once i change my font please help..

    • Valerie

      download iFont

    • sierra

      Is it still happening to you? I finally found a pack that works for the s4, while modt ffons are not compatible yet, still being lower than the s4’s 4.2 jelly bean.

  • Iron!Fist

    When I switch on private number (to hide my number on outgoing calls) I cannot make calls, the calls keep dropping before dialing occurs. Any advice?

    • cheesemaker

      go to the keypad and dial 1831 as a prefix before the number you are dialing. this will send out your number as private.

  • Kasey Menke

    Why do I not have the wifi timer option.

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    Is there s way of knowing if someone has read an email I’ve sent??

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    Great tips, thanks!

  • Devin The Dude

    One good tip I know is to get rid of the phone warning you about turning your music up too loud, which gets annoying. What you do is, run the sound calibration and everytime a tone happens, say you can’t hear it, you basically trick your phone into thinking your deaf, and it won’t warn you nealy as much about the loud volumes.

  • mark

    When I scrolled down on my galaxy4s with one finger and swipt sideways to see if it would I erased something how do I get it back

  • wizardcq

    I set up a password on my S4 phone thinking I was setting up a password for the wifi. I don’t want a password on my screen and can’t figure out how to remove it. Can anyone please help?

    • Bribri

      Go to settings, then click on my device, then choose lock screen. Once your in there click on screen lock, confirm your password. Choose the swipe, then your phone will not have a screen lock

  • Mel65

    Well this is all fine and dandy unless you have the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4. Apparently this guy isn’t aware that not all Galaxies are the same. So, for example, with Verizon, you can’t set up call blocking or wifi timer. Of course instead we get a host of other nonsense that Vzw and Samsung thinks are absolutely critical that we have and that they make impossible to delete to make up for it. Yay us.

    • StarGeezer

      Sure you can block calls on Verizon Samsung Galaxy 4 phones. Click on settings and scroll down to Blocking mode. Turn it on, click on it, and another menu appears giving you various options. You can also scroll down to Call and click on Call Block. You can then select whose calls to allow and whose calls to block.

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    I am looking for the best app for galaxy 4 for passwords and usernames for safe keeping

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      Its keepass!

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    I go to my setting and i dnt have the “find my mobile” setting please help i will have peace of mind when i can find this in case i get my phone stolen

  • Tyson Young

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  • melanie

    how do i change the font?

    • Jayne

      go to apps – settings – my device – display – scroll down till font heading

  • Jayne

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    ck on for when you initially turn the phone on please???

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    I’m trying to find a way to get a samsung galaxy tablet to turn off after a timer is finished. Can you tell me of an application that will do this? I don’t want to have to root it. 4davew@gmail.com

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    Im trying to remove a lock screen. The phone had only one and now it has two…and when i press the power button it defaults to the other screen and not the home lock screen. i would like to know how to remove the other thanks in advance.

  • dan

    I entered the wrong remote code to set my av receiver on my phone. I cannot find a way to correct to the right av receiver. Is there a way to change this once it has been entered incorrectly?

    • Dana Fox

      delete that profile start over

  • alona pickett


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    I have a problem : i can’t watch videos or tv series on my galaxy note . The picture where the video is supposed to appear suddenly goes to the left side of the screen and i only see half of the picture , and i really can’t seem to find a solution for this problem

  • Muhammad ismail

    Why do sent my lock screen on settings under device work I have a pattern and I hate the font and wallpaper PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP IT DOSENT WORK THAT AND accessories and home screen mode

    • lizzy

      On the lock screen touch and hold and drag your finger down on the screen and a little pencil should appear. Tap on the pencil and that will allow you to edit the on screen features.

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    Why when I am on the phone people hear when someone call

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  • tnt316

    Help….I have an issues with my samsung galaxy s4 active. I turned off the keyboard sound and yet when I type it still makes that annoying typewriter sound when I am typing. Why

    • sittingtrunk

      Settings // My Phone // Sound // Scroll down to “Samsung Keyboard” and uncheck “Key-tap sound.”
      Hope this helps :)

  • jasmine

    How the fuck am I to get back stuff if I hide them?

    • steph

      Go to the app drawer and click on the left soft key and it will say hidden applications further down you can untick them there

  • kate

    hi. so im trying to use the wifi timer. i have followed the directions into advanced settings but i dont have the timer. is there a specific update i need? my phones fully up to date and it is the s4. any ideas? thx

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    I accidentally pressed ‘never’ when trying to sms a number to book a movie….how do I undo so that I can book my move. Because I pressed never it keeps failing when I sms to book a move?

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    Cannot import photos from S4 to laptop. I went through every steps…and change setting and so on… it still says ” We could not find any photos on this device. All of your photos source are hidden. Need your help please!

    • hope I helped

      If u link gmail and Samsung services it backs EVERY THING up on ur google plus then just sign on ur pc or laptop and ull have it

  • aksh

    How to make like when you swipe home screen wallpaper also moves

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    It asked me for the pin no. Of yoigo my provider which i put correctly now it asking me for a pin which is after i put the yoigo pin correctly .i am stuck on it for 3 days and yoigo doesnt have ans for it

  • la-tee

    I can’t make 3 way calls! Don’t hear 2nd call ring n merge it’s just dead air. Need help what’s the point of having the feature it unable to use it?

  • May

    I tried moving the keyboard – success! I cannot revert it though even with tapping on the keyboard icon. Please help! I am stuck with an itty-bitty keyboard!

    • jd

      Press and hold the mic icon, and press the button again. It will revert it back to the original keyboard sizing and positioning.

  • Michelle

    I tried the steps to access the camera from the locked screen, but it doesn’t work. I do not have a passcode or anything. I followed the directions…..

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    I put contact pics on my screen for quick access to calls n texts but I cant remember how to add them. Please help

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      did you use the app line deco? or cocoppa?

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    My s4 sux big time . Hate this phone and verizon

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    Hi when I send message a eye shape come on top does that mean it been read other side

  • hootie

    Every time my Galaxy S4 rings, I have to put in my pin # how can I change that

    • Torrea Hardy

      Settings, lock screen, seven lock them shut off

  • Booger

    How do I turn the phone on?

    • ladyoz

      on the side there is the power button, the other side has volume… hold down the power button until the phone lights

      • Matthew Salmon

        I think he was joking

  • ladyoz

    How do I make calls/text silent, but still have volume on to hear my alarm on my phone?

    • Torrea Hardy

      Just turn down your volume or in settings you can hit sound and then shut off volume keep on alarm and off /onmedia

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    Can you see what your teenager does on this phone and track it?

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