Miscellaneous Guides

Feb 13, 2012

Guide: Using Ringdroid App for Custom Ringtones and Sounds

The best way to get your device customized is to start loading your own ringtones and notifications. We discussed how to find your way around the Android Operating Syetem to change those last week (w … Read More

Feb 9, 2012

What do “Odex” and “Deodex” mean? The All Inclusive Explanation

Show of hands, how many of you reading this have been browsing forums looking for ROMs only to come across a term completely foreign. Hey, it’s OK, I’ve been there too. In particular, the … Read More

Jan 4, 2012

Easily Unlock and Root your Verizon Galaxy Nexus with this new 2-Click method, Unroot and Re-lock just as easy

Unlocking and rooting your Galaxy Nexus is a pretty easy process, but I’m sure there are some of you that wouldn’t mind something even easier. I think I might have something for you. WugF … Read More

Dec 16, 2011

How To Root The Verizon Galaxy Nexus, Flash A Custom Recovery And Back It Up

So you’re sitting in your man cave (or lady cave) after purchasing the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and wondering to yourself, what’s next?  Easy, root that mother, flash a custom recovery on … Read More

Dec 15, 2011

Commemorate The Galaxy Nexus’ Release By Unlocking The Bootloader

Happy Galaxy Nexus Day folks! What better way to celebrate this momentous day by having full instructions on how to unlock the boatloader? The good news is that the process is relatively brief and no … Read More

Dec 7, 2011

How to get the Android Market on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Good news for those with a BlackBerry PlayBook. The Dingleberry jailbreak is now publically available making it easy to root your Playbook. It is still very much an early beta though.What makes this … Read More

Nov 30, 2011

How to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus [Courtesy of XDA]

The newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus can now be rooted. Just follow these instructions that were posed by XDA forum member, bdigitalstudio. Of course this is at your own risk, and we don&#8 … Read More

Jul 20, 2011

TalkAndroid Guide: Rooting Your HTC Thunderbolt (Mac) From Start to Finish

So you’ve gotten yourself a shiny new Thunderbolt, huh? You’ve heard of this magic “rooting” shenanigans, and the stuff you see over at xda. There are hundreds of guides for W … Read More

Jul 14, 2011

TalkAndroid Guide: Partitioning your Evo’s SD Card to Take Advantage of GingerSense ROMs

Gingerbread based Sense ROMs are currently all the rage right now on the Evo 4G. In an attempt to help a lot of newbies save some heart attacks, I’m posting a a quick (but fool proof) guide on … Read More

Jun 12, 2011

Guide: Use your Wiimote to Play Emulators

We’ve all seen old videos of people hacking various devices so they could use them in ways never meant to be used. While I can’t teach you how to wire your PS2 controller to drive your ca … Read More

Oct 23, 2010

Tutorial: Use audio files as ringtones, alarms or notification sounds (Windows)

So, you’ve got an awesome song you want as a ringtone, or a cool little sound effect to use as an SMS notification. The only question is, how do you get all that audio goodness onto your device … Read More

Jul 27, 2010

What is rooting? and Why should I do it? The pros and cons of android rooting

Everywhere we look, there are posts about phones being rooted, the ability to flash alternate ROMs, and more. So why should you root your nice, shiny phone? What are the benefits? Well, that’s what w … Read More

Jun 25, 2010

Using your Android device as a wireless keyboard/mouse

RemoteDroid is an app that you can use via Wi-Fi to turn your Android phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse for your computer.

Setting up the RemoteDroid server on your PC
Here are the steps for d … Read More

Jun 22, 2010

Using a Bluetooth gamepad with your Android phone

I got a free Android phone, the HTC magic, with my cheap phone contract. Android is fantastic, but I’ve always wished it had a keyboard so I could type and play games more easily. I wondered if I’d be … Read More

Jun 18, 2010

These 5 Android apps will make you the life of any party


Want to know a guaranteed party fact? There are always those one or two people present that don’t drink beer. Hopefully these people let you know ahead of time so you can prepare acc … Read More