How to get the LGBTQ Pride reaction on Facebook

It’s LGBTQ Pride Month. Celebrate who you are!

Cities around the world are observing June as the month where you can be you and love who you love. Participants are hosting celebrations with parties and parades welcoming people of all backgrounds. Facebook, a longtime support of equal rights for the LGBTQ community, is giving its 2 billion users access to a special reaction for Pride. Rather than just expressing happiness, love, laughter, or excitement over something, the social network is letting you express Pride.

Today we’re showing you how to activate the Pride reaction on Facebook.

1. Go to Facebook and login if you aren’t already on your account.

2. Search “LGBTQ@Facebook” in the search bar.

3. Like the official LGBTQ@Facebook page, which you’ll see is verified by Facebook.

4. Find a post that you’d normally react to with Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry reactions. Now you’re going to have a new reaction signified by the LGBTQ flag and labeled as “Pride.” Once you hit the Pride reaction, it’ll apply the LGBTQ flag on the post.

Not enough Pride for you? Facebook created its own frame for profile pictures, too. So you can show your support around the clock on your profile picture while dropping Pride reactions on every post in sight.

Happy Pride 2017 from Talk Android!

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • Disarmed in CA

    Absolutely Degenerate.

    Facebook, I mean.

  • Turing

    Sounds like North Korea! Let’s all happily sign for the chairman! Gay pride is first and foremost is about diversity and uniqueness! By making one big meaningless “pride” lump we ignore the intolerance that’s on the rise in the gay community, intolerance against gay Republicans, intolerance for the single gays who are not pro-marriage, who do not support the aggressive democratic hacks in California, the new gay intolerance which is striving to deny some gays their individuality and want to coopt our unique and special celebration into a political resistance movement. There is no pride in any of that, just divisiveness and hucksterism. Keep FB out of personal preferences! Let them do their marketing without specialized branding!

  • Sanket Rico Gawankar

    Liked, no reaction mate.