Best screen protectors for the LG G5


When you shell out hundreds of dollars for the latest flagship phone, you’re going to want to protect your investment. Cases are a great way to save your phone from a catastrophic incident, but many of you despise the bulk that protective cases add to your device, basically hiding the beautiful sleek design. This is where a screen protector can come in huge. A screen protector goes right over your screen, and if it is a good one, you won’t even notice that it’s there. In addition to being barely noticeable, a screen protector protects arguably the most important part of the phone.

Let’s check out the best screen protectors for the LG G5.

Yootech LG G5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you are looking for the best all-around screen protector then I would have to recommend you springing for this Yootech protector. This is the thinnest and the lightest glass protector I have on my list here, clocking in at just 0.26mm and 0.5 ounces to give you protection you won’t ever notice is there. Another plus for this is that the protector covers all the glass on the front of the device. Most protectors only protect the rectangular area of the screen, but this protector extends to cover the top bezel which houses the speaker, led, and front-facing camera. This part is still made of glass so it’s weird to see most manufactures opting to only cover the screen. This full protection is a huge plus for me, and the fact that this extended part is colored black to match the bezel, with perfect cutouts for the camera, led, and speaker, makes it all the more seamless.


This guy also clocks in at 9H hardness, provides HD clarity with maximum touch responsiveness, and a bubble free installation. As with all tempered glass screen protectors, if your protector does shatter the glass breaks into small pieces that stick together making it safe for users. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, if something does unfortunately happen to the protector it comes with a lifetime warranty. Don’t just take my word for it; this has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. For the best screen protection for your new LG G5 spring for Yootech.

  • Pricing: $15


iLLumiShield Blue Light Filter 2 Pack

While tempered glass screen protectors may be all the rage these days, some manufacturers are still making incredible plastic screen protectors, with iLLumiShield being evidence to that. This two pack is a pretty incredible bargain for what you end up getting. This protector is made out of high-quality multi-layer Japanese PET for great protection as well as a great feel. The film itself also helps to not only protect your screen but also your eyes. The marquee feature, and where it gets its name, is the ability for the film to absorb harmful UV light from the sun preventing the UV rays from bouncing off your phone screen into your eyes. While this is an awesome feature in and of itself this film also is fingerprint and oil resistant, and it is also anti-bacterial to keep your phone clean.


A pretty good value play if I do say so myself, and with the lifetime warranty that iLLumiShield throws in it could be the only money you ever have to spend on screen protectors for your new G5.

  • Pricing: $7


Spigen LG G5 Screen Protector Crystal 3-Pack

Here is another set of screen protectors made out of imported Japanese PET. These guys don’t have as many features as the iLLumiShield Blue Light Filter’s do, but there are some advantages in buying this over those. For one these protectors cover the entire front glass, including the top bezel. When I am buying a screen protector I prefer them to cover the entire glass as an extremely unfortunate drop on an uncovered area can have a ripple effect throughout the rest. Oh and the cutouts for the camera, led notifier, and speaker fit perfectly as to not disrupt their functionality.


In addition to full-glass coverage Spigen’s product boasts, as its name implies, crystal clear screen visibility with no annoying rainbow effect to ruin your viewing experience.  The film, akin to the iLLumiShield, also boats an antibacterial film to keep your screen clean. It goes on via a dry application method, and if you ever have to remove it there will be none of that sticky residue left behind. And Spigen has a lifetime warranty on this product so don’t ever worry about having to purchase some more.

  • Pricing: $8-$20


iCarez 4-Way Privacy 360 Degree Screen Protector for LG G5

This product from iCarez had too many features packed in for me to leave it off of the list. This is again a plastic screen protector, but not just a regular one. Baked into the plastic is a privacy film to protect your information from prying eyes. Privacy buffs, this is the protector for you. Unless you are looking at the device straight on, the protector will make the screen look black so those around you trying to screen look will be thwarted.


The privacy filter isn’t the only feature this baby is packing. iCarez has a unique hinge application method which makes installing this protector extraordinarily easy. I remember the first few times I tried to apply a screen protector, and while I am good at it now, it used to be a disastrous affair. The film is also hard-coated making it scratch proof as well as anti-bacterial keeping your phone away from pesky germs and pesky screen-lookers.

  • Pricing: $17-$30


iLLumiShield HD Tempered Glass 2-Pack

iLLumiShield makes our list for the second time with its tempered glass screen protectors. While I am going to recommend the Yootech tempered glass protector over these guys, those of you looking for a value play will be more than satisfied with this 2-pack from iLLumiShield. These protectors clock in at the usual 9H hardness that we have come to expect from tempered glass protectors. They aren’t as thin as the Yootech product, but they still are very thin coming in at just 0.33 millimeters thick. Also iLLumishield boats 99.9% transparency so as to not ruin your viewing experience, as well as an anti-fingerprint coating


The major problem I have with these protectors, and the one keeping them from first place, is that they do not cover the entire front glass. Some of the protectors above also do not cover the entire glass, but they have extra features built in to make them more worth buying. They did make my list, however, because for just $9.95 with free shipping from Amazon along with a lifetime warranty these are the absolute best route for bargain hunters to get the increased protection of tempered glass. By no means are they a bad product, they made my top list for a reason, I just wish they covered the entire glass; If they did, Yootech would be playing second fiddle to these guys.

  • Pricing: $10



Well that rounds out my list of the top screen protectors that you can currently buy for the LG G5. In my humble opinion you really can’t go wrong with any of them. These are all great products, it just comes down to what you are looking for in your protection. Glass, privacy, UV protection? You have it all right up there. The only way you could go wrong is to not have a screen protector on your new G5. When it costs almost a hundred dollars for a new screen, without the cost of installation, spending $15 on a screen protector is one of the best moves that you can make.

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