Best LG G5 cases


If you’re worried about damage of all types on your new LG G5, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the very best cases for LG’s 2016 flagship from brands like VRS Design and Spigen. Our recommendations focus on looks, protection, and price; therefore, you’re definitely going to find at least one case that you’d like to put on your G5.

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VRS Design High Pro Shield Case


VRS Design is a brand of cases that I was completely unaware of until just last month. When searching for cases to cover my Samsung Galaxy S7, I came across the High Pro Shield case and haven’t taken it off my phone since. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t recommend the same case for the G5.

The High Pro Shield case has two layers — a polycarbonate bumper and a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) interior case. While the interior case provides shock absorption, the frame of your phone will be secured by the metallic bumper. A premium look and feel is noticed because of the interior case’s brushed finish. Holding the High Pro Shield case is smooth around the edges and textured on the back.

Like all VRS Design products, the High Pro Shield case for the G5 is protected by a one-year limited warranty if you buy directly through the company’s site.

  • Colors: Shine Gold, Steel Silver, Satin Silver, Rose Gold
  • Pricing: $19-$33

[VRS Design] [Amazon]

Collen Dual Layer Shock Reduction Case


Bulky cases built for protection first and foremost are usually bulky and unattractive. Collen’s case for the G5 stands out because it doesn’t resemble a giant block. The two-shell design is tight and tough to keep your phone safe from knocks and drops.

The tougher exterior shell is made of Makrolon polycarbonate, which surrounds the inner silicane layer that is said to be stronger and more durable than TPU. There’s also a kickstand on the back that’s barely noticeable and pops out so you can prop up your phone for hands-free use and viewing.

  • Colors: Orange, Black, Blue, Grey
  • Pricing: $11-$32


VRS Design Layered Dandy Case


Luxury cases typically come with hefty price tags (hence them being “luxury cases”), but the Layered Dandy case from VRS Design is affordable and even serves a purpose. This case made of premium leather has a folio cover with three slots on the inside to store cards and money just like a traditional wallet.

Because you probably¬†take your wallet and your phone everywhere, why not merge the two? Take the items in your wallet and put them into the Layered Dandy case. Don’t worry about items your ID, cards, and cash falling out; VRS Design has a strong magnetic clasp keeping the folio cover closed. It’s not oversized, either. The fit of the case on the G5 is tight and slim, and VRS Design offers in it three classy varieties.

  • Colors: Black, Coffee, Wine
  • Pricing: $24-$35

[VRS Design] [Amazon]

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case


When purchasing cases, I go for appearance over protection. Others might go for protection over appearance. If you’re someone who needs to protect your phone like your life depends on it, you’re going to be all over SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle Pro case. It’s thick and durable to shield the G5 from anything trying to inflict damage.

The Unicorn Beetle Pro case has two layers and a built-in screen protector, so your G5 is going to absorb shock and scoff at impact. The body of the case protects the back and sides of your phone while the screen protector handles the front. Worried about dust and debris intruding the micro-USB or auxiliary ports? SUPCASE uses port covers. As you can tell by now, SUPCASE literally covers every part of a phone.

People working in industrial or accident-prone environments should pick up the Unicorn Beetle Pro case from SUPCASE.

  • Colors: Black/Black, Blue/Grey, White/Grey
  • Pricing: $15-$25

[SUPCASE] [Amazon]

Spigen Crystal Shell Case


Spigen is always at the top of my list for accessories. The company’s products are stylish and inexpensive, but they last for the lifetime of your device. Spigen’s customer service, too, is superb and rushes to resolve issues as soon as possible. Buying from them is always a safe bet.

The Crystal Shell case from Spigen is perfectly simple because it’s an option that allows you to still show off the G5’s body.

A TPU bumper surrounds the phone’s perimeter and a clear polycarbonate back simultaneously provides a transparent shield. Somehow, despite the simplistic design, Spigen manages to fit its Air Cushion technology. The Crystal Shell case has been tested in over twenty-five drop tests and faced shatter tests with a benchmark quality test not discovering any damage.

  • Colors: Clear Crystal, Dark Crystal
  • Pricing: $25

[Spigen] [Amazon]

Caseology Wavelength Case


Trying to get a stunning case but want to spend wisely?

Caseology is a brand that I stumbled upon when searching new cases, and its Wavelength series is a beauty. Like many cases, this one has a two-layer setup with a polycarbonate bumper and a TPU piece fitting the phone. Where Caseology removes itself from the crowded field and stands out is design. The silver/gold/black bumper spills over to the textured back only slightly, giving the entire case an elegant, flowing look.

Go with Caseology’s Wavelength case for the G5. Caseology has a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your case (which I don’t think is even necessary).

  • Colors: Turquoise Mint, Navy Blue, Coral Pink, Black/Gold, Black/Black
  • Pricing: $15-$30

[Caseology] [Amazon]

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case


Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case for the G5 is really the company’s premier choice. The case is hard around the frame and textured on the back, and Spigen’s attention to detail really gives it a premium glow.

Polycarbonate and TPU are the materials here and the Air Cushion technology is present as well. These three put together create a stylish and durable case. Because it’s Spigen making this case, you can expect that military-grade protection. And when you’re putting the phone down on a surface, there are 1.0-1.2mm lifts to keep the screen and camera from being scratched.

  • Colors: Gunmetal, Satin Silver
  • Pricing: $17-$35

[Spigen] [Amazon]

LG Quick Window Case


The final case on our list is a first-party selection — LG’s Quick Window case.

With its cutout on the front, a plethora of information is still accessible. The Quick Window case can show the date, time, and generic notifications at a glance. Plus, by using the G5’s always-on display, you’ll always see the date, time, and all notifications. When you need anything more or want to start using your G5, just open up the folio cover and get do your thing.

Ready yourself to spend a few more dollars because this first-party case is almost two-times as expensive as the rest of the cases mentioned above.

  • Colors: Titanium Grey, Silver, Pink, Gold
  • Pricing: $39-$49



These are merely nine of the best cases you can get for the G5. So many more are out there, but this list includes the very best of the best. VRS Design, Collen, Spigen Caseology, and LG all have well-made cases that look great and protect your latest mobile device.

Let us know in the comments which LG G5 cases are your favorites.

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