A Guide To Setting Up IMAP & POP3 Email Accounts On Motorola DROID

Anyone with a Motorola Droid knows of the capabilities it contains regarding email support; in fact, a number of people get the Motorola Droid over others so that they can experience this email. The Droid is capable of supporting IMAP and POP3 type email and both of these types can be set up with a very easy to follow method.

Setting up IMAP and POP3

Setting up IMAP and POP3 both follow the same method as described in this guide. Therefore, for the purposes of avoiding redundancy and implementing convenience, only POP3 will be mentioned along the way.

  1. Begin by turning on the phone and opening the application menu.
  2. Tap on the email icon.
  3. When prompted, enter the email and password and then hit next.
  4. On the side, there should be the following choices:
    • POP3 Account
    • IMAP Account
    • Exchange Account
  5. Select POP3 Account.
  6. Enter the username, password, POP3 server and port where it is requested. The POP3 server will probably look something like pop3.domain.com by default.
  7. By clicking security type, another menu should come up listing various security options. Select between None, SSL and TLS.
  8. Another option is to select when to delete emails in the server. The two options are Never and When I Delete From Inbox.
  9. Tap Next.
  10. Enter the STMP outgoing settings. This will consist of the SMTP server, port, as well as the same security options again.
  11. Be sure to check Require Sign-In if the email requires signing in in order to compose and send an email.
  12. Determine how often the Droid should check for new mail and check off to be notified when it arrives.
  13. Lastly, simply provide a name for the account.

With this, email will begin to synchronize. By going into Account Settings, some things may be edited, such as the following:

  • Account name
  • Your name
  • Email check frequency
  • Default account (make the current account the default email account on your DROID)
  • Email notifications
  • Select Ringtone
  • Vibrate
  • Incoming settings (to modify IMAP or POP3 server settings)
  • Outgoing settings (to modify SMTP server settings)
  • Ross Peacock

    Thanks. Is there a way to logout? I don’t like being logged into my e-mail anytime my phone is on.

  • Henrik

    Any ideas what to do when number 8:

    Another option is to select when to delete emails in the server. The two options are Never and When I Delete From Inbox.

    simply is not shown on Droid X?


  • Julie

    msg says set up could finish cannot safey connect to server?

  • keshav

    i would like to tell you that i used all the port of pop3 but i have a error,could not connect to server what should i do pls tell me.