Top ten best cases for the OnePlus 6T

OnePlus launched its latest handset, the OnePlus 6T on October 29th, improving upon its predecessor with the inclusion of a bigger battery, a smaller notch, and an in-display fingerprint reader. With its all-glass design available in Midnight Black and the slippery Mirror Black finish, the OnePlus 6T is a phone that could benefit from a protective case. Luckily for you, we’ve done the legwork for you and found the best cases for the OnePlus 6T that we could find.

OnePlus 6T Protective Case

Over the years, OnePlus has made some great cases for its handsets, and this time is no different; the pick of the bunch is the Protective Case in Karbon and Sandstone finishes. The Karbon finish is made from the sexy Kevlar material while the Sandstone variant is made of polycarbonate. Both models are lightweight with raised edges to protect the phone’s display when laid on flat surfaces. You can grab the Sandstone and Karbon cases directly from OnePlus for $20.95 and $25.95 respectively.

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Tudia Arch S

Tudia’s Arch S case is constructed from soft, durable TPU that protects the OnePlus 6T from bumps and knocks while maintaining a slim profile. The precise cutouts perfectly align with the control buttons and charging port while the raised edges protect the display from scratches when the device is placed face down. Available in Gray, Black, Frosted Clear, and Navy Blue, Tudia’s Arch S case can be bought from Amazon for $7.90.

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Spigen Air Armor

With its form-fitted design, Spigen’s Air Armor case maintains the slim profile of the OnePlus 6T while its Mil-Grade protection and Air Cushion technology help protect the phone from bumps and knocks. The anti-slip matte surface brings added grip and comfort into the mix. Available only in Black, Spigen’s Air Armor case costs $13.99 from Amazon.

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Mayround Wallet Case

Mayround’s Wallet case protects the phone from life’s knocks while adding multi-functionality. Made of high-quality synthetic leather, the case features a distressed leather appearance with a rub pattern design that is soft and durable. Inside the front flap is a single slot to store a bank or ID with a further insert for bank bills and precise cutouts to access volume and power buttons. The case also acts as a horizontal stand to facilitate hands-free viewing of content. Mayround’s Wallet Case costs $11.99 from Amazon and can be had in Dark Brown, Black, or Red.

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Poetic Lumos

Made from a clear TPU material, Poetic’s Lumos case keeps the design of the OnePlus 6T on display while maintaining the slim profile of the phone. The raised lips prevent the screen and camera lens from touching flat surfaces, and the tactile re-inforced buttons protect the power and volume buttons. The Lumos case can be ordered directly from Poetic for $9.95.

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Olixar Leather Back Case

Olixar’s Leather Back case features a stylish textured leather effect and is made of a flexible and durable TPU material. The leather effect adds extra grip and comfort as the case protects the phone from bumps and knocks while maintaining a slim profile. Olixar’s Leather Back case is available only in Black from Amazon for $17.99.

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VRS Design Transparent

The Transparent case from VRS Design lets you show off the glass design of your OnePlus 6T while protecting the phone from bumps and scratches. The case has a high-quality acrylic rear panel with an anti-yellowing coating and a bumper made from a flexible TPU material. The case has precise cutouts for the power and volume buttons, and the raised lip protects the phone’s screen when its laid on a flat surface. The Transparent case from VRS Design can be ordered from Amazon for $11.99.

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Keeping things simple is the TPU Gel case from TopACE that is made of, you guessed it, flexible TPU that is soft to the touch and easy to grip. It’s a minimalist design with reinforced tactile buttons and a matte finish that resists fingerprints. Available in Black or Clear, the TPU Gel case from TopAced can be bought from Amazon for $7.98.

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IVSO Anti-Slip Case


The lightweight Anti-Slip case from IVSO offers a different take on simplicity with a TPU construction, a transparent rear panel, and a highlighted bumper. The case allows for easy access to all ports and control buttons while protecting the phone from bumps and knocks. The case has a raised lip and camera cutout to protect the display and lens when laid on a flat surface, and the slim profile of the phone is maintained. IVSO’s Antislip case can be had with Black, Blue, and Red from Amazon for just $5.95.

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Orzero Alcantara Case

The Alcantara case from Orzero features a dual-layer design with a TPU inner layer that absorbs shocks and an Alcantara outer shell that provides extra grip and comfort. The case is washable (dryable with a hand-dryer) and resists fingerprint smudges thanks to its material outer layer. Slim and lightweight, the Alcantara case from Orzero costs $10.99 from Amazon.

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  • Lakuma

    Do any of these cases have a low bottom edge to give your fingers room to navigate using screen navigation gestures without scraping your thumb everytime?

    • Peter Holden

      They all seem to have raised bezels to protect the display when laid face down, so I would say no.