Best OnePlus 5 cases

The OnePlus 5 is here, and it’s shaping up to be the best device OnePlus has ever crafted. The two-camera system is turning heads, it has all the high-end hardware you’d want out of a 2017 phone, and it sports a very premium design. Like any new flagship phone, you don’t want to drop it in two weeks and end up with a cracked screen for the next couple of years, right? So consider getting a case for it.

These are our picks for the best OnePlus 5 cases.

Otterbox Achiever Series Case

As far as protection goes, it’s hard to beat Otterbox. They offer dual-layered cases to protect against shocks and drops, and they’re pretty slick in the design category, too. OnePlus offers an affordable Achiever Series Case for the OnePlus 5 in your choice of either black or red, so you can get a little flair while protecting your device, too.

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OnePlus Flip Cover Case

Personally, I’m a huge fan of flip cases. They offer protection around the edges of your device, but the flip cover will also protect the front of your device from nicks and scratches, and it affords a bit of extra privacy while you’re not actively using the phone. The OnePlus Flip Cover Case also has a card slot to hold a few of your credit or debit cards, and it automatically wakes the screen of the OnePlus 5 when you open the case.

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ZHFLY Ultra Thin Clear Case

Sometimes it can be hard to justify putting a case on a nice phone simply because it covers up the design of the device. You’ve spent all that money on something with a premium design, why hide it? A simple transparent case is exactly what you need.

It offers solid protection around the corners of the device, gives some extra grip to the phone, but still lets the sleek design of the OnePlus 5 shine through.

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OnePlus Protective Case

The wooden cases are some of the most iconic OnePlus cases since the inception of the company, and they’re still going strong several phones later. OnePlus offers a protective case in a few different shades, including Ebony Wood and Rosewood, plus a Sandstone and Carbon if that’s more your speed. You get protection around the edges of your device, a soft touch grip, and some pizazz on the back of your OnePlus 5.

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SLEO Hard Case

There are tons of case options out there, but sometimes you just want something plain and simple that’s going to offer decent protection with no gimmicks. The SLEO Hard Rubberized Case is exactly that, giving you an extremely plain protective case in a few different colors. No weird materials, no flip sleeves, just hard plastic and bumper protection. If you don’t like anything flashy but still want something to protect your OnePlus 5, this is the way to go.

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Did we miss your favorite case? Leave a comment below with your pick(s).

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