Best HTC U11 cases

The HTC U11 is one heck of a phone. It’s beautiful, fast, and stunning. See, the best thing about the 2017 flagship could be its design. HTC’s engineers once again designed a gorgeous device. And this one isn’t crafted from mostly metal. While the frame is aluminum, the back of the U11 is glass. That’s why you might want to consider putting a case on your phone.

Hit the break for the best HTC U11 cases.

Tektide Invisible Armor Case

Your rotation of cases should always include a clear option, and the Invisible Armor Case is the perfect choice. Although it looks completely clear, you get a slight pattern that plays nicely with the U11’s shiny glass back. But it won’t get smudged or dirty. The polyurethane material used for this case resists fingerprints and fluids. And it’s thin build means the squeeze-friendly body’s features remain easily accessible.

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Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen is a favorite among the staff at Talk Android; therefore, we just felt it was absolutely necessary to include at least one of its cases as a recommendation for the U11. The Rugged Armor Case may look durable, but it’s not too bulky. Spigen wants to protect your U11 but not take away from its attractiveness. This case, which is flexible, is made of thermoplastic polyurethane with carbon fiber textured spots at the top and bottom. Both materials give the premium look and feel HTC wants its phone to give.

Like the rest of its cases, this one has Spigen’s trademark Air Cushion technology to absorb shock from drops and knocks.

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OEAGO Hybrid Dual Layer Defender Case

Maximum protection is need for those who are clumsy or work in risky areas often. Sure, you could have insurance. That’s a long-term cost, though. Just put a reliable case on your U11 to keep it from getting nicked, scratched, or cracked. The OEAGO Hybrid Dual Layer Defender Case is the one to get for those of you who can’t seem to keep your phones in perfect condition over time.

Aside from protecting the U11 at every angle, the Hybrid Dual Layer Defender Case features a textured back to help you maintain a good grip. And, of course, a case of this size absorbs shock. It does so extremely well because of its two-piece design. You get a soft silicone inside with a hard frame to keep everything intact.

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Feitenn Flip Wallet Case

You have a phone. You have a wallet. Why not put the two together? While a number of companies are trying to take your wallet digital, the vast majority of people are still using physical cards and even cash to pay for things. If you’re someone who wants to minimize how much you carry around, get Feitenn’s Flip Wallet Case to put your phone and wallet together.

Here you get a full cover over the display that uses a magnetic for staying closed, a slot for cards and cash, and an adjustable stand for media consumption.

This case from Feitenn comes in black, teal, beige, grey, maroon, and white.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Case

Get glitzy! It’s not for everyone, though we think you’d agree it’s interesting to look at. The Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Case seems to have been made specifically for the stunning U11’s design. Light hits the U11 on the back and provides a difference appearance every time. Pair that reflective back with a glitter case and you’re going to get insane visuals.

Oh, it’s protective too. Spigen’s glitter-infused thermoplastic polyurethane, despite being slim, comes with Air Cushion technology for anti-shock protection.

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