Best Galaxy Note 8 cases

Following on from most of the previous models, the Galaxy Note 8 carries on the tradition of offering a mix of added productivity, both media consumption, and creation as well everything else a flagship smartphone needs to compete in the premium handset market. As a premium smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8 is probably the most expensive Android phone you can buy so it makes sense to protect your investment, doesn’t it? If it does, you’ll want to take a look at the best cases for the Galaxy Note 8 that we could find. 

Spigen Thin Fit

First off the bat is Spigen’s Thin Fit case that is made of a lightweight TPU material that barely adds any heft to the Galaxy Note 8’s profile while still protecting the handset. The Thin Fit case’s low profile maintains QNMP compatibility as well as easy access to the button cutouts. Available in Deep Sea Blue, Maple Gold, Matte Black, and Orchid Gray, the Spigen Thin Fit case can be had for just $9.99.

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Samsung Clear Protective Cover

You can never go too far wrong by buying a case from the phone’s manufacturer, which in this case would be Samsung. The Korean handset maker has produced some quality cases for its Galaxy Note series over the years and the Protective Clear Case is another great example. With an ultra-slim profile that protects the rear panel and the corners of the Galaxy Note 8, the case is easy to hold. Samsung’s Clear Protective case is available for $13.97 and can be had in Black, Blue, Orchid Gray, and Clear.

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ZVE Wallet Case

ZVE’s Wallet Case for the Galaxy Note 8 is a different beast entirely. Made out of TPU and faux leather for a soft touch, the Wallet Case is able to hold a combination of cards and cash so you can leave your wallet at home. protection-wise, the case is shock-proof and boasts full-frame protection as well as raised edges on the front of the case protecting the display from making contact with the surface. Available in the singular color of Black, the ZVE Wallet Case has a price tag of $12.99.

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Trianium Wallet Case

Combining both rugged protection and wallet functionality, the Trianium Wallet Case boasts a dual-layer construction of premium TPU. Its raised front bezel protects the Galaxy Note 8’s display from scratches when placed on a flat surface while the textured sides offer increased grip levels to help avoid drops. The Trianium Wallet Case comes with a Lifetime warranty and can be bought for $10.95.

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Caseology Skyfall Slim case

Another transparent option is Caseology’s Skyfall Clear case that sports dual-layer protection with its TPU cover and impact resistant polycarbonate frame. The transparent nature of the Skyfall case means your Galaxy Note 8 is front and center showing off its design chops. The raised lip protected the display when its laid on a flat surface while the buttons are also covered and protected. Available in Orchid Gray, Blue Coral, Matte Black, and Warm Gray, the Skyfall series case has a price tag of $10.99.

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