Best cases for the Honor View 10

Sporting Huawei’s most powerful Kirin 970 processor and boasting a built-in Neural Processing Unit that gives it AI abilities, the Honor View 10 flagship is a powerful brute of a device with a svelte and smooth appearance. Having bought such a stylish handset, it’s probably a good idea to wrap it up in a case to keeps it safe from life’s mishaps so we’ve rounded up a bunch of quality cases for your perusal.

TopACE Ultra Thin Carbon

The TopACE Ultra Thin Carbon is a compact case with raised edges to protect the phone’s display when placed on flat surfaces. Made out of environmentally friendly soft TPU, the Ultra Thin Carbon case also boasts air pockets to help with drop protection while maintaining grip levels. With accurate cutouts for all the phone’s controls, the TopACE Ultra Thin Carbon can be had in Black, Blue, or Gray from Amazon for just $7.98.

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KuGi Ultra Thin Clamshell

Made out of premium quality PU leather, the KuGi Ultra Thin Clamshell case protects both the front and the back of the Honor View 10 while maintaining a low profile. The volume and power buttons, audio socket and charging port are all easily accessed while the PU material allows for good levels of grip. Priced at just $5, the KuGi Ultra Thin Clamshell is available from Amazon in Black, Navy, Gold, and Rose Gold.

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SUNGUY Ultra Thin Clear

Whats the point of buying a stunning smartphone if you are going to hide it away, I hear you ask. Well, if you want to flaunt your Honor View 10 to your friends, the SUNGUY Ultra Thin Clear case will surely suit your purposes while still protecting your handset. The frame of the case is made of flexible TPU while the transparent rear panel is crystal clear acrylic that allows the Honor View 10 to shine. Available in Black, Blue, and Red, the SUNGUY Ultra Thin Clear case is $7.99 from Amazon.

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KWMobile Crystal

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple with a transparent case like the KWMobile Crystal that shows off the Honor View 10 in all its glory without obstruction. Made out of soft, tear-resistant TPU silicon, the Crystal case increases the phone’s profile by just 1.1mm and is both anti-slip and dirt repellent. The KWMobile Crystal case is available on Amazon for just $5.90 plus shipping.

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Jiunai Ultra Protective

Sometimes your phone needs a little more protection, which is where the Jiunai Ultra Protective cover comes into its own. The rugged case features raised bezels on the front to protect the phone’s display when placed on a flat surface while the rear camera lenses are also guarded against scratches. The Ultra Protective Cover has a dual-layer design with a shock absorbing inner layer ensconced in a hard polycarbonate outer layer to protect the Honor View 10 from life’s’ knocks. Available in Black, Dark Blue, Silver, and Rose Gold, the Jiunai Ultra Protective Cover is available on Amazon for just $9.99.

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Tudia Slim-Fit Heavy-Duty

Here we have Tudia’s Slim-Fit Heavy-Duty case that boasts dual layer protection with a polycarbonate outer casing and a TPU inner that absorbs impacts and hugs the form of the Honor View 10. Raised edges protect the display from scratches when placed on a flat surface while cutouts allow for easy access of the ports. Priced at $8.95, Tudia’s Slim-Fit Heavy-Duty case is available from Amazon in Matte Black, Metallic Slate, Mint, and Rose Gold.

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