Best 5 mounts for the Google Home Mini

Many of us either bought or received the Google Home Mini as a gift over Christmas and while it’s a nifty device that offers great value for money, finding space for it on a flat surface near a plug isn’t the easiest thing to do. Luckily, the Google Home Mini doesn’t have to lay flat on a surface, you can buy a mount to attach it to a wall near, or even on a power socket. While there is now an Incipio branded wall mount that you can buy directly from Google, there are other options to consider. Join us after the break to check out these wall mounts for the Google Home Mini. 

Incipio Wall Mount

Let’s start with the Incipio Wall Mount that is available directly from Google for $15. Like some of the other options, the Incipio Wall Mount is a simple design that can either be screwed or adhered to the wall, with the Google Home Mini clipped in place. It’s made of polycarbonate and TPU and weighs in at just 25 grams. In the box, you’ll find the wall mount, screws, drywall anchors, 3M tape, and the instruction manual.

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HumanCentric Outlet Hanger

Next up we have the HumanCentric Outlet Hanger that, well, hangs down from the power socket. It’s a nifty design that hides the Google Home Mini’s power cord that is easy to use with no power tools needed. All you have to do is wrap the power cord around the insert on the rear, rest the Google Home Mini on the bracket and plug it into the power socket. The HumanCentric Outlet Hanger is available from Amazon for $14.99 with free shipping.

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CloverTale Wall Mount

The CloverTale Wall Mount has more of an industrial feel to it, being made from a slab of aircraft grade aluminum that is machined and precision milled. Two screws are included in the box to help attach the wall mount to the wall, after which you just need to thread the USB cable through the cutout on the bottom before connecting the Google Home Mini. The CloverTale Wall Mount is available from Amazon with free shipping for $9.95.

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CloverTale Outlet Wall Mount

CloverTale also has this Outlet Wall Mount that attaches directly to the power socket and is compatible with both the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini. No tools are needed to install this wall mount, it comes with a built-in power supply and cable and works with both vertical and horizontal power outlets. Available in either black or white, the CloverTale Outlet Wall Mount costs a reasonable $12.99 from Amazon.

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The USB Outlet Cover Plate Mount

Here we have a slightly different take on the wall mount design, with USB Outlet Cover Plate that replaces the existing cover plate that surrounds your USB outlet, regardless of which way it is oriented. With a Patent Pending “push and clip” design, the Google Home Mini simply pops into place. One obvious requirement for this design is the availability of a USB outlet in your humble abode. Available in Black, White, and Chalk, The USB Outlet Cover Mount is available for $11.99 for a single unit or $39.99 for a pack of five from Amazon.

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About the Author: Peter Holden

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  • Psst

    I fail to see how these are “best” at anything except fastening a Mini to a wall. Performance of the Mini isn’t considered.

    Three of the five mounts do so with a wall outlet. How many rooms have wall outlets that are not a foot or so off the floor and/or behind furniture and appliances? Try putting a Mini behind a couch or next to a microwave and see how well it works, and what it looks like after its fav]bric is exposed to the airborn grease and food particles in a kitchen for a year..

    Google’s $15 mount does nothing that a a simple $2 picture hanger can’t, but at least it recognises that wall receptacles are not a suitable solution.

    • Peter Holden

      Hmm. Some of us have one or more power sockets that are placed higher up the wall, especially in the kitchen/dining room.
      Frankly, I would hope it was common sense not to place a Google Home or Google Home Mini behind a couch or next to the microwave, whether it was placed on a wall mount or otherwise.
      Coming back to the kitchen, some of us have power sockets that are not above sinks, next to microwaves, or close by deep fat fryers. It probably helps to give all appliances & gadgets in the kitchen a good wipe now and again?