Best Twitter app alternatives [2015]


Twitter has a good Android app and it’s getting better after every new update. In fact, they’ve been focusing on the user interface and experience over advertising as of late. The native Twitter app, however, just doesn’t fit some users’ styles.

There is an arsenal of third-party Twitter replacements out there, and some of them are actually really wonderful. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Falcon Pro 3


If you’re not a fan of Twitter’s own mobile app, Falcon Pro 3 is probably the next best option for browsing your timeline and managing multiple Twitter accounts. In my testing, it’s faster than the normal Twitter app, it’s gorgeous, and it’s smooth as butter. Spending just a bit of money will return you some of Falcon Pro 3’s premium features that only enhance the overall experience.

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Plume for Twitter is another excellent third-party solution, brought to you by the developers who created Beautiful Widgets. It’s highly customizable and has a lot of features, such as an internal browser, a lockscreen widget, in-app live streaming, geotagging, and much more. Of course, one of the best aspects of the app is that the developers remain on top of bug fixes and consistent improvements to performance. You will never have to worry about Plume growing old.

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Hootsuite is another excellent solution as a Twitter replacement, but it’s much more than that. You can easily manage multiple social media accounts, whether it be Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. One of Hootsuite’s best features is the ability to manage and schedule posts, which is helpful for those that are on the go and still have a business or social media account to run. The app is free up to three social media networks. If you need more, there are in-app products to meet your social media needs.

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As far as features go, Talon falls short compared to Falcon Pro 3, Plume, or Hootsuite. What it does have, though, at its core is customization, a beautiful design, gorgeous animations, and great performance. Not only that, but it’s one of the few Twitter apps to feature Google’s Material Design guidelines. Talon supports up to two Twitter accounts, has live steaming support, an excellent notification system, and much more. Really, this is one gorgeous Twitter app alternative.

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Fenix for Twitter is unique in that it provides an excellent tablet experience. It has all of the usual flavors you’ll find in Twitter apps–support for multiple accounts, themes, internal browser, and more. And its tablet layout is out of this world. It compiles your timeline into gorgeous card-like chunks, allowing for easy readability. If you’re one to come home from work, sit back in the recliner, and scan through your social media feeds on your tablet, Fenix is a great solution.

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Tweetings is another great Twitter alternative, especially in terms of design. Tweetings offers an expansive theme engine, allowing users to pick from thirty-two different Material Design options. There are sixteen dark and sixteen light themes to choose from the app even includes options to create your own themes. As far as features go, you get a gorgeous Google Now-like UI with cards, support for multiple Twitter accounts, excellent navigation, and beautiful widgets.

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Twidere is better than the native Twitter app in many ways. It’s a powerful alternative featuring Google’s Material Design outlines and offers both dark and light themes, along with color theme support. It has the many features you’d expect in a Twitter alternative–multiple accounts, drafts, and better direct messages. One of its best aspects is that its open source, allowing the community to contribute various features and design tweaks to it.

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Tweetcaster has a design that seems dated compared to other Twitter alternatives beautiful as many of the other Twitter alternatives; however, it does have a unique interface and touts some powerful features. Tweetcaster has support for multiple Twitter accounts, and lets you post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. There’s also this nice feature called Zip It which allows you to silence certain Twitter users and keywords from showing up in your timeline without unfollowing anyone. Yes, this identical to Twitter’s Mute button, but Tweetcaster supplies its own third-party option. Another really cool feature is that tweets will stream in real-time when connected to Wi-Fi.

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Last up on our list is Robird, an intuitive and gorgeous Twitter alternative. The interface is sleek, easy to navigate, and relatively fast. As far as features go, it’s fairly minimalistic in this sense, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In a day and age where our apps have so much going on, sometimes it is nice to just have a fairly basic Twitter app that will perform all the functions you want it to do.

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One of the unfortunate things about Twitter’s own mobile app is that it lacks Material Design and it doesn’t pack as many features as independent developers are packing in their own alternatives. That’s what makes other options out there much better than what Twitter offers, for the time being.

What’s your favorite Twitter app alternative? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us!

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • Peter

    I’d like to filter out all hashtag symbols. Can any of these do that? I know Tweetcaster can filter selected hashtag words but not the “#” symbol itself.

  • bigbamboo

    I’ve used Tweetings for about a year and have tried pretty much all of the alternatives. Tweetings is my daily driver because of the push notifications (with no battery drain, as they’re pushed out from the other end, rather than pulled in) and the huge amount of customisation flexibility. Thoroughly recommended…

    • Robert Drummer

      Tweetings has gone downhill over the last few months. They are great at adding features but they don’t appear to do any testing prior to releasing updates (daily, it seems.)

      I’ve been a fan and used Tweetings as my only Twitter client for a year, but now I’m searching for an alternative.

      • bigbamboo

        Let me know what you find. I’ve tried all the ones above and although Robird is good and Fenix is close but no cigar, I’ve yet to find anything better than Tweetings.

        • Robert Drummer

          Tried the others (and a few more) and came back to Tweetings.

          I think the problem is the amount of mute filters I had. Tweetings runs great until I import my backed-up mute filters and then the crashes start.

          They could find a way to optimize mute handling or trap for too many and throw a descriptive error.

          In any case, Tweetings is still the best, just be stingy with the mutes.

          • bigbamboo

            I’ve no idea why it doesn’t sell better than Falcon and Fenix and the rest – it really is the best out there…

  • TonyEWilson@

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  • KJ Allen

    In the beginning I was faithful to Plume. I’ve used all of the above and have always found my way back to Plume…. Until I used Fenix. Fenix has been my daily driver for a while now.

  • JB Arrow

    Do any of these (or have you heard of an alternative) have the ability to block explicit content? I have set up parental controls on my son’s iPad and on our wireless network, but Twitter seems to be the blackhole for filters and I haven’t been able to find a solution besides “no twitter for you” – FYI this is a preemptive strike he’s still very young I just don’t want him finding things accidentally.

  • herrbrightside

    somebody forgot carbon

  • Dean

    I’m a new Android user. This article was a great help. I’ve used Tweetcaster for years. I will definitely try out a few these listed here.

  • I’m looking for a twitter app that includes group direct messages. I’m in love with Fenix and I just wished it would include this one feature but it seems a lot of apps can’t do it yet. Are there any on this list that do include this?

  • Paul

    Gab is the best alternative if you support freedom of Speech!